Thursday, 29 December 2011

All quiet on the bloggy front

I've not written here in a little while, not because I have nothing to say but because I don't have the words to say it. Does that even make any sense? 2011 is drawing to a close and I can't even begin to describe how mind blowing this year has been for me. I have felt such a wide range of emotions , experienced so many things that I truly believe I will be entering the new year as a totally new person. Not just changed , someone new! I look in the mirror and I barely recognise the person looking back at me . It's not just about being older and it's certainly not about being wiser! Some of the differences are bad ,no not bad that's the wrong word , they are more confusing than bad . I've got to tell you alot of the changes are awesome. I've begun to realise my own strength , have confidence in my abilities , the courage to try something new even if it might fail. I'm entering the new year a mum of three amazing children who bring me such joy. I'm surrounded by such love and friendship. I've always felt that I'm not really liked, that I'm irritating and hardwork! I AM irritating and hardwork but now I know that it's ok. The right people are willing to work hard and in return I naturally become less challenging to be around. There I go not making much sense again. Life isn't perfect , who's life is? There is always something to work towards but I am glad of that . We should never stop trying to improve things , that's when we become lazy and complacent . I have no idea what the new year will bring for me . I can tell you what I hope it to bring. Some fun , love , hope and excitement . I am going to sing more , craft more , let go more! I will hold on to negativity less , spend less time online , moan less . The only person who can make these things happen is me. These aren't unachievable goals , these are NOT new years resolutions . It's just the way I need to live my life .

Onwards and upwards as they say . Good things are coming . It won't always be easy but I'm damn sure going to make it worth it !

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Just over a week til Christmas

And I'm not ready!! Meal not organised , presents not bought and worse no cash to do either! I don't actually care tho because it's not about either of those things. The important thing is being with my wonderful family and that is what I'm looking forward too :) Hubby has the week between Christmas and new year off and I'm so pleased ! We desperately need some time together as a five and I intend to make the most of it.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Strike Day

Today the children are not at school due to the strikes. Actually they wouldn't have been going anyway because they are sick but thats beside the point! Lol! So anyway, I've seen so many parents on Facebook complaining that there is no school. Now for those parents that work I can see how it is inconvenient but for those that don't work? Why complain!! It's just one day , what would you be doing that's so important anyway. I'm taking the opportunity to cuddle on the sofa with my little ones , staying in the warm because we have nothing at all planned. I miss Tegan when she is at school all day. She is often tired and grumpy by the time she gets home so we rarely get to do anything nice after school and the weekends go far too quickly. I'm not going to pretend I know any of the details of the strike so can't really form an educated opinion , but I do know that I am grateful for the dayoff with my babies!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Poorly children

Is there anything worse than seeing your children poorly sick? Thank god my children are generally healthy but this week they have dreadful colds . Hacking coughs, streaming eyes, runny noses , painful ears the works!! So this week instead of the crafting we were hoping to do we are mostly sitting , cuddling and watching tv. Fingers crossed that they get well soon x

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Christmas Crafting.

I've got lots of ideas for Christmas crafts I want to do with the children this year . Not to mention some crafts I want to get done myself!! But look it's nearly December already and I've not even started!!! I had hoped for a completely handmade Christmas but let's be honest it ain't gonna happen! I will however manage a couple of handmade ornaments for the tree . Let's keep our targets small while things are so hectic :)
Inspire me folks ! What ideas do you have for projects with your small people?

Confused thoughts

I have a lot in my life to be grateful for. My family , my health , my home all that Jazz ! I am grateful . I often look around at all I have and think 'wow! Just look at how lucky I am' . Things are very nearly perfect . Money worries are an issue though. Due to some very silly decisions when we were younger money is likely to always be something that causes worry. That said we are not too materialistic these days and I honestly don't think we do too badly considering the extremely tight budgets we have to live on. What I'm wondering thoughts whether it is wrong to want more? If 80% of the time things are good should we accept that the remaining 20% will never be perfect. I don't think that explains it well , I did say it was confusing! There is one aspect of my life that I wish was different . If I'm honest its been that way a very very long time but because everything else is so good I made a choice to accept it. I decided I could live with it. Recently though I've been reminded that it 'could' be different. Suddenly my decision doesn't seem so clear cut! Suddenly I'm thinking how much better things could be . I love my life , my husband , my family but I can't help wondering 'what if' .

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Things have got a little crazy

I'm still here , still plodding along. The children are wonderful . Mason is 3 months already ! I should be happy , I am happy but I've got to be honest things have got a little confusing. I can't talk about it here, or anywhere really? So I'm being quiet , working things out , plodding. I will be back .

Friday, 11 November 2011

Friday again

The weeks seem to be flying by at the moment. It will soon be Christmas and then new year. It only feels like yesterday that Dave and I were discussing maybe the possibility of baby number 3 and now here I am nursing him , doing homework with my 5 year old and chatting to my 3 year old . Who , by the way, only knew about 5 words this time last year! Insane!! Things are not easy at the moment. I am tired all the time and really really need to get over my desire to be fricking super mum. Who is she anyway? My children are clean ( sort of) dressed ( in a fashion) and fed every day. That's pretty darn amazing me thinks . Pre children I used to struggle to just get me out of the door on time! I can't quite believe that I'm the same person as back then . That girl still exists , I catch glimpses of her from time to time . Generally tho I am a whole new me. Most of the time I love new me. Other times I could slap her!! Haha!!

Next week I will hopefully post some pics of some crafty projects I've got on the go.

Hey you never know I may even be back to posting every day at some points!! Don't hold your breath tho please :)

Friday, 4 November 2011

Late nights and early starts

It's a strange thing for someone as tired as I claim to be to stay up past midnight and to get up before Dawn. But recently that's what been happening. A combination of things causing this but the main problem is my inability to turn off my brain. It is constantly racing thinking about life , love and everything. I wish I could just solve some of the problems in my own and in my family's lives but I fear more problems would only arrive. Therefore I need to work out a way to put my worries to one side just long enough to get some really restful sleep. My immune system does not appear to be coping well with the barrage of germs the winter months and school age children are throwing at me. My singing voice is still not back to full strength , my skin is pale and spotty and my tummy is flabby . Ok well that last one might be more to do with constant snacking and lack of exercise but you get the picture.
On a more positive note Tegan and Euan are loving school . Mason appears to be thriving . I have good friends , a fulfilling hobby which I one day hope to earning from ( the singing - please voice come back!) and the ever supportive family! So mostly things are good in my world , the problems are really all superficial and caused by my greed.

So I just need to get over myself! Job done!! Lol!!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Happy Friday!

Today I've woken in a completely different frame of mind! It helps that the sun is shining I am sure! Voice is missing in action , nose is blocked , house is untidy but do you know what? Life is good! I have goals and it might take me a long time but I will achieve them. No-one ever got anywhere by just moaning about what's wrong with the world , you have to be proactive!So I'm making lists , decluttering and trying to see the positives that surround me. I'm not going to pretend that every day will be easy but easy is boring anyway! Onwards and upwards!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Time is flying by so quickly

My baby is 9 weeks old already and in some ways it feel like he has been here forever. My older two are well settled at school ( and then along comes half term!) and normality is slowly returning! It's easy to forget that I've just had a baby and subsequently I'm maybe pushing myself too far. The late night and early starts are taking there toll and for the second time since Masons arrival I have lost my voice. Miserable under any circumstances I think you'll agree but for a singer disastrous ! It has a direct affect on my mood and so I now just feel like crying and I'm very sorry for myself. Feeling sorry for myself won't make me better tho so I need to try hard to be proactive instead. So for a couple of days I will wrap up warm , drink honey and lemon and concentrate on REST .

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Swimming through soup

How can it be that seven weeks after Mason was born I suddenly feel worse not better? I was coping or at least doing a great impression of someone coping. I was wearing make-up and heels for goodness sake. Now I'm struggling to do my hair!! Aaaaarrrrrggghhhh! This feeling of exhaustion started to get worse once I ran out of my placenta capsules, a coincidence maybe? Maybe not? Regardless I'm going to look for some vitamins or something to boost me back up.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Feeling stressed

Getting my life balance is so very tricky. I want to continue doing the things that make me feel good , make me feel like me . Yet I feel so very guilty a lot of the time. Shouldn't I be giving up my hobbies etc to concentrate on my children who are after all now my life? However if I give up on 'my' stuff what will I do once the children grow up and move on? Won't it be too late then to pick up where I left off? If I give up singing til my youngest is 16 I'll be in my mid forties !! How many opportunities will be available to me then? I'm feeling tired and unwell this week.I know this is because I went out at the weekend and rehearsed on Monday. If I'd just stayed at home with my babies I would be ok. Am I being punished for wanting a life. Or am I just being hysterical because I'm tired. I moaned to some online friends this week , I normally try to stay positive. I was told , in jest I think, to shut up. And now I feel upset and cross. Gah they were right to tell me to shut up I'm getting on my own nerves!!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Internet is taking over my life! Again!!

I am attached to my iPod ALL DAY! I'm getting nothing done and I've got to be honest i am driving myself insane. I should be sleeping right now but here I am online again. So I've gone to bed iPod in hand BUT with very little battery. I intend to use it til the battery dies tonight and then leave it locked in my bedroom all day tomorrow to stop me logging in. I wonder if this will work? Somethings got to give because I'm am neglecting my real life in favour of my virtual one and it has to stop! Wish me luck folks!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Self Sabotage

Do you ever feel like you are your own worse enemy? I know I certainly do. Sometimes when things get hard instead of working to make my life easier I instead try to make my life harder. I take on too many tasks , things that are not my responsibility . I start new projects before I've completed the last. I focus on things I think I can control so that I stop thinking about things I can't . That last one doesn't seem to be a bad thing if I'm honest but I sometimes need to just let things happen rather than control it all. Right now this is something I need to remind myself.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

My childrens art!

Sharing just because I can :)

Breastfeeding and me .

I have a love hate relationship with breastfeeding. All three of my children have been breastfed albeit for varying amount of times. My first never seemed to stop. She wanted to be attached to me constantly . We are talking 3 hour feeds! If I'm honest I felt like a human dummy! It was with some relief that I stopped before Tegan was 2 months old. She was only gaining 2 or 3oz a week and when the health visitor suggested topping up with formula to boost her weight gain I took that to mean that my milk wasn't good enough. So that was that. My second baby wasn't interested! Seriously from day one I had to force him to feed and he would only nurse for ten minutes max. Again his weight gain was slow and top ups were suggested. This time tho I was determined to carry on so I expressed milk daily and topped him up with that instead of formula. Euan was breastfed until just before his first birthday . He self weaned , no amount if coaxing would get that boy to nurse for longer . So again that was that!
So now I'm on baby number 3. Mason breastfeeds like a pro. He feeds for a reasonable amount of time. His latch is great and I experience very little discomfort ( I had to resort with breast sheilds with the other two ) . As for weight gain? Well I don't know as I haven't had him weighed in a couple of weeks but he regained his birth weight by day 10 so I'm guessing he is doing just fine!
The thing is tho .... I don't like it! I always assumed that it was down to various issues we were experiencing before. This time no issues but it still makes me feel , well, icky! I feel a bit suffocated while he nurses. I feel irritated and ansty. I dislike the leaking, I can't stand breast pads. I feel like I constantly smell milky. Bleurgh! I don't like nursing bras. I don't like having to wear easy access clothes! However I DO like the conveinience , I DO like knowing that I am providing for my son. I do like those milky drunk baby smiles at the end of a feed. I will continue to breastfeed, of course I will! But am I the only person in the world who DOESN'T love it ? I mean I know there are people who switch to formula because it doesn't work out. Or this that never start because they don't like the idea or whatever. But is there anyone else out there who doesn't like it but breastfeeds anyway?

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Easily Distracted

Mason has been earthside for almost 3 weeks and I am still finding him insanely distracting in the best possible way! Lots and lots of projects that need to be completed, half written blog posts to be posted not to mention the usual housework and day to day tasks. All I want to do is sit gazing at my son , stroking his face , breathing in his smell , enjoying him . One day ( far too soon) I will have to re enter the real world and get on with things but right now I'm happy to stay enclosed in my family bubble where the only thing that matters is my children , my husband and me. Not every moment is easy and I have already made some tentative steps back to reality but forgive me if I am in no real rush! If your waiting for something from me , please remind me , I almost certainly have forgotten. I'll be back soon I promise x

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Mason Floyd Wyche and his grand arrival!

This is long so hold on to your hat!

On Monday night I went to bed a very tired very anxious mama to be. Booked in for induction for the next day at 42 weeks it's safe to say I was very nervous. I had made my peace with the induction but fully expected to end up with an epidural as I expected it to be a long drawn out process. I emailed my doula before bed promising to keep her informed , I had decided not to call her til labour was well established as she has 3 children of her own to care for. I asked her to pray for a miracle for me and then settled down for the night. As always my hypnotherapy cd sent me fast asleep and I got a good few hours rest . At about 4 am ( times will be very approximate as I wasn't really paying attention!) I woke up feeling uncomfortable. Different somehow. I lay in bed for another hour wondering what was happening before I finally decided to get up. The pools heater had actually been switched off the night before as we weren'tgoing to need it but it holds it's heat fairly well so I decided to have one last soak. It was about 33 degrees so nowhere near as warm as I would like but I whacked the heater on and hoped for the best. By this point I dared to hope that the impossible had happened and I had actually gone into labour naturally! Contractions werecoming about every ten minutes to begin with and actually started to get closer. Maybe this was actually it! I was calm and breathed through the surges groaning a bit but nothing manic. I actually was managing yo put my face in the water and breathe out during the contractions , something the book suggested but I had never managed due to my fear of putting my face under the water!! Amazing!! Eventually Dave and the children got up and were very surprised to find me in the pool. Dave took the kids to my sisters and came back to start getting us prepared. He rang the hospital to check what time they wanted me in for induction. I kept saying 'no! I 'm in labour! ' he obviously wasn't convinced! Lol! So I was told to come in to triage at 11.
So I continued to labour in the pool, I told dave that I had no intention of going into hospital at all. They would just have to send someone out . Dave was really not keen on that idea and started to get worried. He decided to ring the hospital again and they could hear me moaning through contractions so asked us to come in. I think this was around 9 am? I kept sayng to Dave I don't want to go everything will stop , but I knew it was time to head in really. When we arrived at the triage ward the contractions were still coming but I was coping with them well. a little too well actually as the midwife said that looking at my notes and how I was actingit was very unlikely I was labouring.the best we could hope for was that I was dialated enough for the pessary to be inserted. So I agreed to a ve and tried not get my hopes up. Midwife was silent throughout the exam and then said 'well I have good news! You are 5cms and your waters are bulging!' at that point I started crying and Dave did a little happy dance! I requested again to use the birthpool in the midwife led unit but unfortunately I was STILL classed as high risk so had to be transferred to delivery suite. Ah well my baby was on his way and to be honest I wasjust so happy I didn't care! We were handed over to the midwife who would deliver my baby and she was very keen to allow me to go as naturally as possible , no more exams and just see what happened. Again she was amazed at how calm I seemed. We talked about positions for birth etc and agreed upon trying to birth standing up if that's what felt comfortable. I was still able to chat and answer questions throughout , using my tens machine and breathing techniques we were getting on just fine!
So on with labour we went. Midwife mainly stayed quiet in the room while I paced around swaying my hips , chatting to Dave pausing only when a contraction hit to concentrate on my breathing . I even managed to drink a couple of cups of coffee. I expressed concern a couple of times that contractions didn't seem to be getting closer or stronger but the midwife assured me that it was all going well and I was doing great. No idea how long that went on for really but at some point the midwife brought in another midwife to cover her lunch . She said 'no giving birth before I'm back' to which I responded 'no chance I'll be here for a while yet!' new midwife agreed with me and said 'yes you are far to comfortable to be giving birth just yet ' oh I forgot to mention that I have been on constant monitoring the whole time due to the trace not quite being regular. Luckily I was still able to move around so it didn't bother me at all. Not long after midwife one had gone to lunch my contractions kicked up a gear and was offered gas and air. I readily accepted as I was becoming quite noisy and that gave me something to focus on. Previous labours I had hated gas and air but this time I really got the hang of it . Again I credit this to all the breathing exercises I hadn't practiced in the run up. Tho the contractions were really very painful by now I was still very much in control and able to chat along to Dave. the midwife nipped out for a bit and told us to press the button if we needed her. While she was gone there seemed to be a lull in the pains and I said to dave ' oh with the next contraction my waters will go' and lo and behold with the next pain I felt a pop a huge gush of waters went everywhere. As I was stood resting my head on dave's chest it went all over his shoes! Oooppps! The contractions immediately seemed on top of each other . We pressed the buzzer and the midwife rushed back in surprised to see how things had progressed. This is when she noticed that my waters were very brown and requested that I get up on the bed. I got up on the bed on all fours and there seemed to be no gap at all between contractions.
I suddenly felt very frightened. At the peak of every contraction they lost the babies heart rate. I had started feeling the urge to push but was out of control and was screaming in agony. I heard the midwife say ' I think cord must be around babies neck , time to get baby out' at this point I was sobbing and screaming 'i can't do this , please be ok, my baby' Midwife kept reassuring me baby would be ok but I needed to listen. I was instructed to lie on my back. The paed team were called in and the room seemed very crowded. With every contraction I pushed and screamed . I genuinely thought I must me tearing in two . It was becoming unbearable and I was terrified. Baby didn't appear to be moving down. Midwife kept repeating 'she has spd be careful , she doesn't want to be cut, be careful' Finally babies head began to appear , his head was turned to the side but I was relieved as I knew once his head appeared the rest was easy. Except not this time. Unfortunately his shoulders were well and truly stuck . I was screaming hysterically and apologising for the noise. Again the midwife was amazing and kept telling me to stop saying sorry and that I was amazing. Apparently his shoulders were stuck for ten minutes but I finally pushed him out just before the doctor was going to cut. Relief flooded my body and I was calm again. My baby boy was here! A quick check over confirmed he was fine. . The drama wasn't over tho . I couldn't hold him yet as I was bleeding and my placenta was stuck. I think it took about 40 mins for the placenta to come away even after agreeing to the injection at the last minute. Finally tho I was handed my son and he went straight to the breast and fed for 20 mins. So things didn't quite go to plan, I didn't quite manage to stay in control . But he is here . He is safe . And I'm in love .

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I did it!

My baby boy is here at last! Birth story and pictures coming soon!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Yes yes I'm still pregnant

... so I'm not going to talk about that ;)

I have lots and lots of crafty ideas buzzing around my head! I want to do some art for the childrens room. Some posters need doing for a very good friend. Still got some knitting to complete. I would like to make the childrens Christmas stockings and as many handmade gifts as possible this year! Will have to get started on that soon. I think a list is the way forward so nothing gets forgotten! Oooo I have jewellery to make soon. I really want to start contributing financially to the household over the next year too. With my singing or with my craft, I'm not fussy ;) I love having lots of positive plans! What do you have planned for the next year?

Friday, 12 August 2011


It's august , and sometime very soon I will be a mum of 3. I can't quite believe that my pregnancy journey is almost done. All that planning and excitment is nearly over and for the last time too. A new chapter is about to begin. Right now it all seems a bit surreal. I'm at that stage where I think I may be pregnant forever. Sensibly I know this can't be true but I can't quite get my head around the fact that I am expected to give birth soon. That I will nursing a baby while attempting to entertain my older children. That I will no longer have any excuse to get out of dieting , exercising , working or any of the other things I have been managing to avoid. I am excited to get started. To meet my little man, to hold him in my arms and get to know his unique personality. This time isn't without fear and sadness too, will I be up to the job ? Will my children resent the baby? I know I will miss the anxious excitement that pregnancy brings. There is no turning back now , I wouldn't want to even if I could . All I can do is wait and do the best I can. Bring it on I say :)

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Let me be patient please

Patience has never really been my strong point. This is a skill I am trying to learn but I'm afraid I am not doing well. When I fell pregnant this time I swore I would enjoy every second, not wish my pregnancy away. Not for me would be the spicy curries, pineapple and raspberry leaf tea. My baby could cook as long as he liked , hey I knew of people who got to 43 weeks and I will be happy to wait. Well now my due date is mere days away and we would seem it's not that easy after all . In my defense I WAS being patient but then I suspected my waters had broke and I've been having contractions for days!it's not fair! Lol! I know that soon I will be nursing a newborn but I want him here NOW! And breathe . Babies arrive on there own schedule and I am happy to wait. Honest. But hey little fella today would be good! ;)

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I need to get knitting!

I have two newborn projects on the needles and at this rate my newborn will arrive before they are finished! Let's not pretend they will get finished once he is here either so I if I don't finish them now I never blummin will! Stop talking about and get on with it!!! Lol!!

Monday, 25 July 2011

I'm having a baby!!!!

Yes I am aware that this isn't news. After all I have had 38 weeks to get used to the idea but as a friend recently said ' there is something about having a birth pool set up in your living room that reminds you that a new baby is coming'. She wasn't wrong either! Suddenly I have a nervous know of excitement and it all feels real! My doula is away til Wednesday so nothing can happen before then but really we are all systems go and baby could arrive any time. I keep catching myself squeezing my children a little too tight , especially Euan who's time as the baby of the family is drawing to a close. How will being the middle child affect him I wonder? Will he suddenly seem huge to me once I am nursing a baby in my arms. I feel tearful at the thought. I am going to a wedding Friday and that is the last thing I have on the calender before my due date. I fully expect to go 'over' so I should get a week of rest before all the fun begins!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Echoes of Floyd

Tonight is my last gig scheduled before I'm due to give birth! Our next gig is end of August but won't still be preggo then right? RIGHT???? Anyway tonight is kind of a big deal.... large audiences, great stage , potential investor in the crowd. Yeah a big deal! Since I announced this pregnancy everyone has been a bit dubious that I would still be singing by this gig. Here I am tho not only still singing but still standing too! Never underestimate my desire to perform. I'm really looking forward to tonight . Not only should the gig be awesome! But once this gig is done there are just 2 more dates to get though on my calender before I can relax and let this baby come! Again with other peoples opinions but nobody seems to think I will make my due date and despite the fact that I am certain I will go 'over' I will sigh a huge sigh of relief when all other important engagements have past. Plus I hate to admit it but I'm beginning to struggle now, time to slow down for certain!
Wish me luck ( or should that be break a leg? Not sure of the protocol for prog rock band performances ;). ) and take a look at the website . Oh and if you live nearby why not come along to Deeping Rugby Club Beer festival! It should be epic!!!

Let me tell you about Euan ....


Currently my baby soon to be my middle child. 3 years old today and such a little character! This little fella never fails to surprise me. In fact he started surprising my right from day one. After 20 weeks of thinking I was having a little girl out popped Euan! 10 days late I might add after being so convinced baby would be early. You see he keeps me on my toes. My little man who only has to turn on the charm and he can wrap anyone round his little finger! Until recently he was a boy of few words but over the last few weeks we've had an explosion of talking! Suddenly he is attempting to tell jokes ( all involving bum bums - such a lad already!) and if I don't understand him he has begun to over exaggerate his words and act them out like a game of charades ! He loves to run, climb, throw but also likes to snuggle up with a story or to watch a film. He has an amazing ability to fall asleep anywhere. You try to get him to nap and there is no chance! But when he is tired , he is tired and has been found in all sorts of positions where he has obviously fallen asleep mid play! Should be interesting when he starts school! Talking of school, he starts preschool in september! A few short weeks away! Amazing! Every day is a delight with him in my life and I can't wait to discover all the new ways he will be surprising me as he grows up !

Happy Birthday little man!!!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

End of an Era

Today is Tegans end of term party at preschool. Her last day at preschool which means that in September my baby girl will be going to actual school! How can she be old enough already? More to the point when did I get old enough to have a child in school??? Tegan seems much more prepared for this transition than I am. She is excited about her teacher, the classrooms, the library but most of all she is excited about the uniform. So excited in fact that I have had to hang her uniform in my room to stop her dressing up in it every day !!! To see that tiny little uniform , hanging next to the even tinier baby clothes waiting for our new arrival!, makes my heart ache! I want to keep her my little girl for ever! When people tell you it goes so fast they are not blummin kidding! Before I know it she will be a teenager and not interested in hanging out with me. But for now still my little girl who sneaks into my bed in the middle of the night and wraps her hand in mine to make sure I don't leave! Please give me the patience to treasure every moment :)

Friday, 15 July 2011

5 am on a Saturday morning

Fairly certain this time of day shouldn't exist! I am exhausted and yet here I am wide awake while the rest of the house snores away. Today my awakened state is the fault of some fairly wicked heartburn and a slightly odd (but not unpleasant) dream *blush* ! Gotta love those pregnancy hormones.
So anyway I am sat here listening to the sound of my home . The slight buzz of electrical appliances, the tick tock of my clock, the occasional sigh from various family members as they enjoy a couple more hours slumber before the day truly begins.While I am not naturally a morning person I do quite enjoy these snatched moments of peacefulness . When feeling energetic I sometimes do a bit of cleaning and then prepare a treat breakfast for when the rabble descends. Unfortunately not really feeling the energy burst this morning so I may just sit and knit! Hubby will be greeted with a cup of tea and kiss tho and I will set out breakfast for the children. Gotta make the effort eh?

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Well that was fun......not

After a lovely morning meeting a lovely pregnant friend I realise that not only was baby still very quiet but I was also feeling increasingly uncomfortable. A quick call to the hospital and a stupidly expensive taxi journey I was at the delivery suite to get checked out. First I had to wait 10 mins to be let in and told to wait in the waiting room. After another 40 minutes a midwife finally came to ask who I was and to see my notes. Another 30 mins before she checked my temp and blood pressure. Finally got hooked up to a monitor. Babies heartbeat was thankfully strong but dipped slightly when I had a tightening . The pains were certainly not strong enough to register as contractions but strong enough to make me uncomfortable lying on my back for 40 mins. Midwife finally returns to tell me all is fine but I need to see a doctor before she can let me leave. Doctor has back to back c sections so no idea when I'll get seen! I waited another half hour , then an hour . Finally I asked for my notes without seeing the doctor as I was starting to feel very stressed. Glad baby is ok but to be honest the trip felt like a waste of energy. The maternity hospital seemed woefully understaffed. No receptionist , one midwife manning triage on her own ( there was 6 or 7 other ladies there by my count) and apparently just the one doctor. The triage nurse was not only dealing with all the pregnant women alone but was also answer the maternity helpline and answering the door. I felt stressed from the moment I arrived and I feel more certain than ever that a homebirth is the way to go. Less than 2 weeks til I am classed as full term and while I am happy to wait for baby I will definately breathe a sigh of relief when I am in the home birth safe zone.

And breathe........

Woke at 3.30am this morning , heartburn , need to pee , stomach ache. Came and sat downstairs to try and get comfy. With all those pregnancy symptoms the one thing I wasn't feeling was baby kicking. In fact I didn't feel any movement and when the rest of the house stirred at about 7 am still nothing. I'm guessing he was asleep because I HAVE felt some movement now but I have never been more frightened. :( Come on Baby Wyche don't scare your mama like that.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Staying on top of things

Why is it that just when you need your wits about you , baby brain attacks? There is lots to do before this baby makes an appearance, at least I think there is , I wouldn't know my brain has stopped working! Today's task is to pack a bag for the baby for hospital. You would think this would be fairly easy but I'm not sure where to begin! I don't think this is helped by the fact that I don't intend to GO to hospital! Also last time the babygrows I packed were too small. So what size do I pack? A variety of sizes and styles? How hot might it be that day?Will baby need a jacket? Blankets? Hats?How many nappies??? Ah I give up!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Lazy Days...

....not sure I really remember what one of those is! Every day seems to be a flurry of activity , racing from one task to the next! I think the nesting urge has well and truly hit . Even when I do get the opportunity to just sit my mind is racing, making lists , planning my next move. Arrival of baby number 3 still feels like an age away and yet I am aware that he will be here soon. So much to do before then tho including seeing Take That , singing at a beer festival and seeing one of my best friends walk down the aisle! Exciting times. I should, right now, be winding down ready for bed . Instead I sm blogging. And I am only doing that to distract me from reorganising my wardrobe! I am enjoying these energetic burst but need reminding to take things easy. Tomorrow the sun is due to shine so my plan ( see there I go again) is to sit in the sun while the children play. I may knit, I may start work on a poster I've been asked to create ...,or maybe, just maybe I'll simply sit. We shall see!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Well that's been interesting !

What a couple of weeks we've had , we've been vegetarian ( ran out of meat and cash!) Internet free ( misunderstanding over payment dates) and sunburnt! I feel exhausted and not quite ready for a blog post! But I do have lots to chat about so will be back soon xxxx

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Lists , lists ,lists

Just under 7 weeks until my due date and I feel horribly unorganised! I actually have no idea where to start. So I'm going to start with lists ! And my first list will be a list of lists I need to make :) Its officially , I've lost the plot!! Anyhoo here we go....

Hospital bag - labour
Hospital bag- post birth
Hospital bag - baby

Homebirth essentials :)

Jobs that need doing before birth

Childrens overnight bags ( for when I'm in labour)

Meals to be frozen/bought for baby week :)

Snacks/drinks for labour

Playlist for labour

Birth plan!!!

Contact number list

What to do list for hubby ;)

Phew I'm exhausted!!! A rest now before I begin on the first item ;)

Sunday, 19 June 2011

A new week

And so it is Monday morning again. My weekend has once again raced by and I feel like I missed it! That said I did enjoy it so I shouldn't complain. Saturday was spent away from my precious family, first at my very first homebirth meeting . and very pleased I was able to make it , the journey alone on public transport was a challenge for my shaky nerves, turned out to be surprisingly pleasant! Then coffee (decaf of course) and cake with a friend and finally an afternoon in the studio auditioning for a new backing vocalist for the band! Altogether a lively and ADULT day! How few of those I seem to have at the moment! :)
Sunday saw me rising early to go ave breakfast with my wonderful Dad before he went off to work. My Dad is an inspiration to me in so many ways. I am thankful to have someone like him in my life. My children too adore him and rightly so! He is great fun even if he does do a VERY good impression of a grumpy old man alot of the time ;)
Once Dad had left for work I stayed for a quick cuppa and chat with my lovely Mum . How lucky I am to have a good relationship with my Parents. I hope my children feel the same way about my husband and I when they are adults.
The rest of the day was spent exactly as my husband requested. It was after all his day! So we played at the park, created 'art' ( loosely used term!) had a water fight in the garden and snuggled in the sofa watching a movie. He made some good choices as he so often does. My husband is a wonderful father. He has taken to parenting much more naturally than I have. Seeing him with our children only makes me live him more. Because of him I went from a young girl who didn't want children ( they smell and are noisy- just try and disagree!) into a woman who adores nothing more than to be surrounded by our growing family. I am who I am because of him and the changes are for the better. He supports me in my many seemingly crazy ventures with only the occasional roll of the eye and I look forward to seeing how that support influences our family as they grow. Our children will grow up thinking anything is possible . What greater gift could a father give?

And so this new week. A week that will see me 33 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. A week where I will meet an Internet friend in real life for the first time. And week where I see a friend get married :)

Bring it on!!!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Just listed some items for auction on my WAHM store! Please take a look and maybe grab yourself a bargain!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

32 week BUMP!

Here is my 32 week bump!Sorry about the scary eyes! lol! And for the record. yes I'm sure of my dates. no its not twins. no I doubt I'll actually explode if I reach my due date. no you cannot 'guarantee' that I won't make 37 weeks.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Pure Potions Skin Salvation

or as my 3 year old calls it 'My Magic Cream' :)
My son suffers with eczema . Primarily on the creases of his elbows. Recently he has had a terrible flair up which causes him to itch so badly he bleeds. Poor little man has been really miserable with it and unable to sleep. We had been to see the GP who prescribed various items including strong Hydrocortizone / steroid creams. When he first advised me to use this I was told I could use it for no longer than one week as it was too strong for my poor lad sensitive skin. When we returned a week later and his arms were no better, in fact worse, Doctor told us to continue with the cream for another fortnight and then go back. What??The cream I was told the week before was too strong! Unbelievable. Still doctor knows best right? So on we went. Two weeks later his arms were still as bad. The doctor then suggests continuing treatment for another 3 weeks. By this point I had truly had enough. I was not putting that cream on his arms for another day let alone 3 weeks. It was then a family member suggested I try a product that had been recommended on a popular daytime TV show. It was called Skin Salvation and was available to purchase on AMAZON. I checked out the reviews and was pleased to see that the product contained only natural ingredients and wasn't too pricey either. It had to be worth a shot! So I ordered the cream and began to use it. I was wasn't holding my breath , after all nothing else I had tried seemed to work but we immediately began to see results. In contrast to our son crying when ever ever I applied the doctors cream he was now requesting his magic cream! It clearly sooths him. Within 24 hours his arms no longer looked red and inflamed. The scabs were getting a chance to heal as he was no longer scratching himself until he bled. The smaller dry patch very very quickly were gone.To say we are impressed is an understatement. A month later and his arms are not completely better. However they are well on the way! Now if we could just convince him to stop being such a BOY and getting into everything , he might not have quiet so many flare ups due to rubbing against things that don't agree with him! But all in all this cream has dramatically improved his arms and I would highly recommend it. Particularly if you are an adult who know better than to scratch!

Check out the website

This is NOT a paid for review, I have received no reward for writing this. But any reward would be gratefully received ;)

Friday, 10 June 2011

I can breathe!!!

Well sort of! I can certainly smell again which to be honest I'm taking as a positive move in the right direction. I managed to get up and out before 9 today , take my daughter to school AND get a repeat blood test all with out collapsing! Oh and drink a glass of water without vomitting! It's all good baby! Okso it's now 10 am and I am back on my sofa feeling a bit queasy but small steps and all that. I've been thinking lots this week about how easily my attitude switches from positive to despair. Thank goodness I have nothing serious wrong with me if a simple head cold can have me wailing like a baby and begging for mummy to come hold me! Am I just weak do you think? I know that when need be I can really step up to plate , for example when my youngest was 7 weeks old , oldest was 19 months and my hubby broke both arms I rarely broke down and really got on with things. This week however I have collapsed in a heap and been ready to quit. Can I only deal with other peoples trauma and not my own? Weird. What ever the reason something needs to be done. With over 8 weeks left til my due date I absolutely cannot go around like a dying duck the whole time. I NEED to find some solution to my problem. Already I have begun to cut my self off from my friends, my support network. Cancelling friends who plan to visit. Not answering the phone, not replying to texts. From experience I know that it doesn't take long for even the most dedicated of friends to move on and stop trying. So how do I stop this retreat into myself? I'm going to give myself today. After all I am actually sick. From Monday tho I need to start forcing myself back out there. Before it's too late and yet again I have lost everyone.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


I do my very best to stay positive. After all I have a lot to be thankful for. I know how lucky I am to be blessed with my amazing children, fabulous Husband , supportive family and wonderful friends. I have a roof over my head, food in my cupboards and running water. I get to do all the things I love , craft, sing, read. And yet I'm still miserable. I find myself lonely. I keep crying. Worrying over things that are truly not important. I have no motivation . I'm sick with a head cold and in agony with PGP/SPD . I am feeling dreadfully sorry for myself. I want to go back to bed and not get up til it's all over. Not an option when you have small children. After all, as someone helpfully pointed out , I did choose this life so I shouldn't complain. I don't want to complain. I know that I love my life. So how do I lift this cloud. Fingers crossed that once I shift this cold everything will seem brighter. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

What a week!

Yeah I know it's only Wednesday. But truly I feel like it's going soooooo slowly! My husband did an unexpected night shift Saturday night when we were looking after our niece and to be honest I'm not sure I have yet fully recovered! Wonderful christening Sunday , truly beautiful. But of course the hubster was exhausted so it was a loooooonnnngggg day! Monday night I rehearse with the band and I swear finishes my day at nearly 1am does not make a happy mama!! Tuesday saw me hitting the 29 week mark in this pregnancy . I thought the exhaustion from the night before would kill me! Luckily my guardian angel swooped in a saved me yet again and made the day not only bearable but dare I say fun! Lol! An early night brings me to today . Today I have felt nearly human! Huzzah! Another early night tonight and I'll have just caught up enough to handle tomorrow nights rehearsal and Saturday nights gig! I frigging rock!!!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Do you believe in Angels?

Now I'm not sure I believe in cute dudes in long white dresses with halo and fluffy wings BUT I do believe that some people in our lives are sent to enhance and protect our lives. I have often felt that someone is watching out for me . I have always been blessed with an amazing family who would do anything for me and I don't know what I would do without them. However I also have some pretty amazing friends. Fairly recently a wonderful woman and her family have become a very important part of our lives. I don't even really know how our friendships began? I know that our children became firm friends fast but my daughter makes a lot of friends , not all of them lead to new friendships for me too. This time tho play dates soon became a regular thing and I truly class this woman as one of my closest friends. She has been there for me so much already and I can't imagine her not being around. The greatest thing is that our husbands also get on.... which means we can socialise as a whole family! I LOVE this as my husband is my best friend and I try to involve him in everything I do :)

This weekend we will become godparents to the couple newest arrival and I cannot begin to tell you how honoured I am to be becoming truly part of the family.

If angels do exist then I am fairly certain that I have met one of mine ... you know who you are. Thank you.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Some new items for sale on my facebook page! please come take a look!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Barefoot Birth Pools

As I have mentioned in previous post we have decided to book a home birth for this , my last pregnancy and birth . One of the things I have wanted with previous children was a water birth. Unfortunately Ive not even managed to get in a pool let alone birth in one as yet. With my first my labour was far too 'managed' with an induction , an epidural and ultimately a forceps delivery. Second time round would have been perfect. Except the hospital had severe staff shortages and far too many women in labour! So I didn't get gas and air let alone a pool. This time I am determined to at least TRY a pool so I am taking matters into my own hands and hiring one. What I love about this idea is that we get the pool for 4 weeks. This means I will be able to use the pool even when I am not in labour to ease my aching hips and sore pelvis. Bliss!
The timing couldn't have been more perfect actually as some friends of mine have just started up a new business hiring out birth pools. Cool huh? Now obviously being only 28 weeks I don't have the pool yet but I promise I will do a full and frank review after the big event. However I can review the service so far. The company is call Barefoot Birth Pools and is family run. The website is warm and inviting and all questions I initially had were answered easily. Response to my emailed enquiry was speedy and instilled confidence that I would be well looked after. While there is no discount available for low income families a payment was quickly and simply arranged. I love that paypal is accepted meaning I can pay uses funds I have raised through online sales. The inclusion of a tens machine in the hire cost is also a welcome bonus... one less thing for me to think about!

So now I just wait. On one hand I feel that my pregnancy is crawling but on the other hand it is racing by! I am sure it won't be long before I am posting a birth story. Fingers crossed I will be welcoming my baby into the world in the comfort of my own home in a beautiful pool. Sounds good to me!

Please check the website and become a fan on facebook!

Monday, 16 May 2011

Foolish ideas

I actually managed to complete last weeks to do list and was feeling mightly impressed with myself! Wanting to start this week in the same positive vein I decided that rather than wait for my dear hubby to put the black sacks in the attic I would just do it myself . All went fine until I wobbled lost my balance and fell from the ladder. Baby is wriggling around like a nutter thank godness. I am however shuffling around like an old woman who is waiting for a hip replacement! Oh the joys! So hubby came home from work ( told me off) and sent me to bed for the rest of the day! Doh! Postive start to the week FAIL!

Anyhoo this weeks to do list :)

Blog about the very wonderful Barefoot Birth Pools

Make onion and garlic syrup

Make and list for sale another 5 items :)

Finish back section of current knitting project

Sort out the childrens playroom .

All very easily achievable !


Sunday, 8 May 2011

Small Achieveable Goals

If I get these things done this week I will call it a success!

Actually GO to a Natural Parenting Meeting rather than just think about it.

Sort MY wardrobe.

List 5 items for sale .

Organise my bookcase .

Not too much to ask eh? Let's see how it goes! ;)

Friday, 6 May 2011

Energy level at an all time low

Man I'm tired. I have so much to do but no energy or motivation. Right now I am actually just lying down on the sofa feeling a bit sorry for myself . At only 26 weeks pregnant I am more than a little concerned that I may never feel energised again! Can you imagine the state of my home if I do nothing for the next 14 weeks! Aaaaarrrggghhhh!
In other news DH has agreed to the homebirth so I am very very happy about that! Only thing is it seems so far away. I am so impatient!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

An unhealthy obsession

With the Internet. I cannot spend 5 minutes without checking whether I have recieved an email or facebook notification. I kid myself that it's a good thing. That this way I stay in touch with the outside world. Keep up to date with current affairs. Learn new skills. In reality I just waste hours being non productive and it feeds my paranoid thoughts that nobody likes me. I'm aware that my days are better when not attached to some online device but seem powerless to walk away from it. I need to be stricter . It seems ridiculous to suggest that I send my hubby to work with my iPod and my laptop but I think that may be the only way to break the cycle! It can't be just me whovis like this ? Maybe there is a facebook group ..........

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Handmade gifts

This year I plan to make as many gifts I can for the many birthdays and occasions we have to celebrate. While I love doing this I am a tad concerned that my crafting talenting leave a lot to be desired .so does this turn my gifts from handcrafted items given with love to handmade tat that you only normally keep if your child made it? Who knows. To be honest there isn't much choice as I have NO money in our monthly budget for gifts and treats.
From a personal point of view I LOVE recieving handmade gifts. It makes me think that the person has really thought about it rather than just buying the first thing they see on the shelf.I know not everyone feels the same though. So what do you think about homemade gifts? And are you still grateful even if it's not the best work you've ever seen?

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter

Having a lovely Easter so far. Started our day with boiled eggs and soldiers. Then playing in the park in the sunshine. We came home to make chocolate cornflake cakes and then back to the park while they chill. Later will have fish for tea and conflake tart with custard! Yummy!!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Well well well

My hubby has been totally against a homebirth but I do believe he is coming around :) Not got him convinced yet but do watch this space !
We have had a lovely day today with some very good friends who I feel very blessed to have in my life . It's strange how things happen . I never really expected to make 'mummy mates'
. To be honest I don't class myself as a sociable person and I never used to really like other peoples kids . However these friends have become done of my best friends and all because my daughter became so friendly with there son! Yet another example of how my children have made my life BETTER . Yes it's not always easy being a parent but I would change a damn thing!!!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Today I was going to post a self pitying rant about how I'm not coping . Instead I have decided to celebrate what is good in my life.

* my son finally starting to get better from a nasty virus

* the sun is shining

* the hubby having a few days off working starting tomorrow

* my daughter singing me songs to cheer me up if I feel sad

* my unborn child weighing away in my tummy reminding me of good things to come

* a moments peace as the toddlers take an unexpected nap

* a good friend coming to collect my daughter for a fun day out so she is not climbing the Walls as we are stuck at home with poorly boy

Oh and did I mention the sun is shining? Life ain't so bad really!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Not the best of starts

Lots of plans for today including midwife appointment, visit with a friend and prep for a BBQ tomorrow. Not to mentioning knitting, housework and childcare. Unfortunately Euan is unwell . Nothing serious (I hope) but a high temperature and no energy which basically means he wants to be clung to me all the time. So I predict very little will actually get done today. I secretly don't mind at and I am quite enjoying my special cuddles with my little man. Fingers crossed the bug avoids the rest of us tho. I am FAR too busy to get sick!

In other news, I have noticed my Internet usuage has crept back up again . I appear to not be able to scratch my head without first checking facebook and various forums. Need to tackle this as my routines are slipping and the house is descending back into chaos.

Oh and please come and check out the Spring Summer Spectacular over on . Some gorgeous items on sale and some real bargains to be had!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

oh deary me

Spent at least 3 hours today tantruming and sulking over a lost camera cable that was sneakily hiding in plain sight! How very dare it! I think my hormonal pregnant self needs to chill!!!My mood swings are getting out of control and I potentially have another 20 weeks to go! How my marriage will survive this I do not know!
On a lighter note.... I am knitting my first pair of longies for the baby! CUTE! Using the Pimp my Longies pattern. Photos to come soon!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

A lovely Weekend

Easter Bonnet

My eldest requested an Easter to take to preschool.We had limited funds and supplies but she was over the moon with the results! What do you think?

Saturday, 9 April 2011

A morning to myself

On a saturday morning my husband takes the children to a dads group at our local childrens centre. This is great all round as the children adore spending time with daddy and get a chance to get some much needed housework done. This week I have decided to ignore said housework and RELAX! How lovely! A soak in the bath and then to sit outside in the sunshine knitting small shorties for the new baby! What could be better ! :)

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


I have been neglecting my blog over the last week or so. I would love to say that because I've been so busy but sadly I've been neglecting most things. It would appear I've reached 'that point' in my pregnancy. You know the one ? The ' I am NEVER doing this again' point! In my first pregnancy I was at least 38 weeks before I felt that way. In my second pregnancy I was more like 30 weeks. This time...... well I'm currently 22 weeks! Don't get me wrong I love being pregnant. I love feeling my baby wiggle , I love my new body shape and I love the anticipation! I don't love the heartburn , the spd and the lack of energy. My hips are so painful that I genuinely don't see how I would survive another pregnancy ! So I am glad that we had already decided that this is our last. ! :)
At what stage do you reach the 'never again?' point?

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Feeling content

That mythically 2nd trimester energy burst has FINALLY arrived and I am feeling good. I have some lovely friends , a wonderful family and I am blessed. Things aren't always easy especially financially but when it comes to the important stuff we are rich :)

I am 21weeks pregnant , got a lovely bumpage going on and I am excited about the future :)

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Tiredness vs nesting

Now I know I'm not actually nesting being only 20 weeks pregnant, but seriously I am on a mission to get my home organised and clean. Only problem being that even the gentle activitys such as washing chalk off my apple tree leaves me exhausted!!! Good job I'm starting early really!!! Lol!!!!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Feeling lost

And for no reason! I am exhausted and BORED . I'm knitting a baby blanket and watching House but in reality I think I need a nap. Lots of ideas for fun things to do required!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

And breathe...

The scan was wonderful! All was well with our little jelly bean . Maybe now I can finally relax. We took our daughter to the scan and she was overjoyed ! She loved seeing the baby on the screen and the sonographer was amazing with her. Even printed her own little picture to keep!So now to enjoy the next 20 odd weeks till new baby arrives :)

Friday, 18 March 2011


Today is my 20 week scan for my third pregnancy. I feel very nervous . I don't remember being anything other that excited in my previous pregnancies. Now maybe I wasn't. Maybe I just don't remember as those babies are now 4 and 2 . More likely I think that this 3rd time round I am 'pushing my luck' . I have been so lucky so far. Falling pregnant quickly and without trouble. 2 normal pregnancies resulting in 2 healthy beautiful babies. Surely to go again is just greedy. Irrational maybe but none the less I am worried. I'm feeling only flickerings from my unborn child while I was feeling full on kicks by this point in my last pregnancy . Or again can I just not remember? Ah well only a few hours til we know. All being well after today's scan he next time I will see my baby is when I cradle him and her to nurse! Crazy thought!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Oi that's my idea!!!

Someone posted a status on Facebook that was basically saying 'tho it's tempting to look at something and think 'i could do that' please stick to your own ideas' . Now in principle I agree , especially if you plan to sell these items. BUT truly how many original ideas are left? How often have you had a craft idea prompted by a new to you medium or an item from your recycling box etc only to google and find loads of tutorials on blogs across the world? Also I often try to recreate something I've seen someone else make but can't afford ( see Tuesdays post!) but I always make my 'slightly' different. Sometimes that's not even intentional but down to my lack of skills!!
So I'm pondering. When is it ok to be inspired by others work and when is it just idea stealing? Is it ok as long as you plan not to sell? And should you always give named to credit to those that inspire you even if your finished product looks nothing like the original? Thoughts please!!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

I love buttons!!

In sprit of my new get on with it attitude instead of whinging that I couldn't afford that lovely button heart I spied on Facebook I made my own!! What do you think?

I'm not a victim

So when did it become ok for me to act like one? I seem to be in a constant state of feeling sorry for myself. The first thing I think of when I wake up is 'oh no not enough sleep , I have headache again, I've got so much to do' . What I should be thinking is how lucky I am to be woken by two wonderful children , to be next to my best friend. That housework I'm moaning about? Really? At least I have a home to clean. I have food to prepare and clothes to wear. These are not negatives they are all things I should appreiciate more! In an ideal world I'd have more money but in reality we have more than enough if we live sensibly and stop craving more and more 'things' which let's be honest I'll only have to keep tidy and clean!
I'm fed up of acting the victim. It only proves to make me miserable. From now on I aim to celebrate my successes.

Monday, 14 March 2011

A new week

Last week was tough. Still feeling under the weather. Not getting enough done. I was grumpy with the children and with my husband. All due to my own impatience. The week ended with me in the most spectacular grump.
Then a few things happened which made me realise that our time is short and that I should appreciate every second. First the disaster in Japan . How could you not feel humbled by mother nature watching the astonishing footage on our screens.
Then the discovery that a little boy my daughter played with at preschool had died and most likely he was murdered . Only two streets away from my home.
Then a woman on my due date forum suddenly lost her husband at the weekend. She now faces raising her young son and unborn child alone with her best friend. This shocked me to the core. I can't imagine the grief that poor family is having to face and I pray they find strength from somewhere,

All this has reminded me just how lucky I am . So I face this new week with renewed enthausiam . Tasks planned, playdates arranged and most of all patience and love for the most important people in my life , my husband and my children.

Count your blessings folks and maybe you too will realise how rich you actually are.

Friday, 11 March 2011

A quiet day

And boy did I need it! I feel a bit like I've been running on empty for a couple of weeks now. Still got a lingering head cold but my energy levels appear to be rising ! Woo hoo! I am now 18 weeks pregnant and it's starting to feel real now. Not getting anything organised really til after my 20 week scan but got plenty of ideas ;)

Thinking lots about Japan today.

Monday, 7 March 2011

A Monday morning report

What's new in my world? Well in the last week I have been ill , my son has been ill and my niece who I look after has been ill. I have also had another Echoes of Floyd gig which we had some fantastic reviews and feedback for. We had a good sort out of the kids rooms, moving Euans bed into Tegans room . Euans old room is now a playroom. Tegan has been iceskating and loved it! Mmmm what else? Ooo I had a consultants appointment which went well and confirmed that I am an ideal candidate to give birth in the midwife led unit or even for a home birth! Whoop whoop!!

Plans fir this week include a band practice , start sorting out the garden, have another sort out of my clothes, finish knitting a hat and possibly start a blanket. Cuddle my children and cheer up! Wish me luck :)

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Sharing a room

My children have there own bedrooms and have since day one. I thought that would be best given that I have a boy and a girl. However over the last week or two they have been insisting they share. Even going so far as dragging Euans mattress into Tegans room in the middle if the night! So I am giving in! Lol! Will use Euans room as a toy room for now (nursery later :) ) and move around Tegans room so they can share! I wonder how it will work out? Sweetest thing wad that tegan has requested that I paint some cars to go with her butterflys so that Euan feels more at home! Cute!!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday night blues

Gosh I'm in a grump! The weather has been dire this afternoon and despite being full of good food and surrounded by my loved ones my mood just couldn't be lifted. Then I tried to knot something which looked easy but I just couldn't do. Boooooo. I don't want to play any more. :(

Thursday, 24 February 2011

A sunny day

What a delight! It makes such a difference to my mood when the sun shines! We've been to playgroup , the park and tonight we have my niece for a sleepover. I am exhausted but content. Every day should be like this . I've even had a chance to do some knitting . I like a lot!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A vegetarian day

I can't remember EVER being able to say this before but I haven't eaten ANY meat. To many that won't seem like much but to me that is a massive thing! I love my meat !!! I have however Made a decision to try and cut down my meat consumption and this is a start! So round of applause to me! Lol!!!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Thursdays outfit

MMM skirts a bit short but not too bad ! lol! Tho I'm not sure it was really a suitable choice for what Tegan later decided to do....

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Wednesdays Outfit

You know what I'm quite impressed! Tho it has JUST occurred to me that I dropped her off at preschool without checking if she was wearing underwear under that outfit...ah well to late now! lol!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Pregnancy Update

I thought I'd post a little pregnancy update! Got the ida from a great blog that I follow called Welcome to Mommyhood! Check it out!!

How far along: 15 weeks
Total weight gain: about 2lb...looks like more lol!! But I lost some in the early weeks!
Maternity clothes: Yup I'm in them already!! Gotta love elasticated waistbands!!
Stretch Marks: only my old ones...but there is lots! Im not sure I would notice anymore!
Sleep: I am sleeping loads but still always exhausted!
Best moment this week: Hearing babys heartbeat! Sounds like a train to me!
Worst moment this week: Fainting. Urgggh!
Movement: I can only feel it when lying down but definately feeling it :)
Cravings: Anything anyone mentions, I've got to have it!
Baby's size in food terms: er Naval orange apparantly!
Belly Button: Still an innie
Gender: no idea and we won't be finding out :)
What I miss: having energy
What I am looking forward to: getting some energy back lol!
Labor Signs: none thank goodness
Weekly Wisdom: 3 children is the new 2!!

Bracelet for Charity

I have made this bracelet as my donation to a fundraiser in aid of Little Miracles! A very worthy cause!!

Tuesday outfit!

'I'm dressing sporty Mama for Carnegie!'

Monday, 14 February 2011

An experiment..I have decided

for one week only (Maybe!) to let Tegan choose her own outfits. Quite often we argue in the morning about what she will wear and the more I think about it the more it seems unfair to FORCE my outfit choices on her. So this week she chooses. I will suggest warmer clothes if its cold outside etc but mainly it wiil be up to her....

Here is todays outfit. I may regret this experiment!!! lol!!!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

There's a Christmas tree in my garden

And no not a planted one ! We bought a real Christmas tree last year , one that was attached to a log so not suitable for replanting. Anyhoo I took down all my decorations the day after New Years Day and put the tree in my garden for my hubby to sort out. So can anyone explain to me why it is STILL there!?!?!
On the plus side it actually still looks pretty! Lol!!!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The name game

I know we've got aaaaaagggggeeeees yet but I am already thinking of names for our unborn baby :) In fact we have chosen a boys name already ( sorry we are not sharing !) but I'm having real trouble with the girls name. Ideally we would like the name to end in 'n' and also we don't want it to start with 'R' 'D' 'T' or 'E' . I can't think of anything! I'd like something slightly different but not weird! Any suggestions??

Monday, 7 February 2011

Strange old day..

I did NOT want to get out of bed today. When does the blooming phase start again? Lol! Not that it matters I would happily feel rough for the whole 6 months as long as baby is ok. After hearing Amanda Holdens tragic news yesterday I am reminded yet again how lucky I am and not to take anything for granted.
So what have I been up to today.. feels like I haven't stopped but I've not achieved anything. Made a necklace for a birthday gift. Started a gift for a friends little boy. Started a hat for another gift. Done one load of washing...but not hung them up to dry ! Errr and ate everything I could get my hands on!!!!!
Ah well we all have days like this eh? I think Ill make another cup of tea :)

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Your not happy unless you have something to worry about

A phrase that has been said to me a lot :(
I will be 14 weeks on Tuesday and I already have a sizeable bump . This morning my little boy jumped on my stomach and I feel freaked out. No reason to , no worrying symptoms , yet still I worry. I DO have stomach ache but that could be anything , not even pregnancy related. Why can't I just relax :(

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Woolly Goodness!

My Yarn arrived from ! And as predicted it is LUSH! If you love yarn please check out the store now! You will not be disappointed! :)

Cough cough splutter splutter

My poor children are feeling poorly sick! Decided to keep Tegan off school but once she realised she started crying ! I do hope she keeps up her enthuasiam for school once she goes to big school in September.
So anyway , I have both children at home and my niece arriving at lunch time. I have far far too much housework to do but I predict cozy cuddles on the sofa may be in order instead! I already have dinner in the slow cooker so there is nothing really urgent to do.
My knitting is going well! I have some yummy woollywumpkins yarn on the way. I plan to be brave and make Euan a jumper! Wish me luck!!!

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Exciting times

Friday was an exciting day for me! At midday I had an ultrasound scan which confirmed I am 12 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child! So very excited and over the moon that all is well!
Then in the evening I performed with Echoes of Floyd , a Pink Floyd tribute act , for the first time. Can I just say AMAZING!! Love it! So unfortunately I have not had much time for blogging , but I am here and very very happy!

Love to all

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Odd feeling

Do you ever have one of those days where you just don't feel right? You feel expectant, something is about to happen but you don't know what? Well today is that day for me. I can't pinpoint it but something is 'off' . Actually now I come to think of it I felt this way last Wednesday too. Last week tho I realised what it was. I was waiting to hear how a good friend was after giving birth. Took me a while to realise and only after panicking and sharing secrets earlier than previously agreed!
Today tho I have no idea yet and it's driving me insane. I've contacted my loved ones and they are all well. I guess I just have to wait and see, I'm sure all will become clear in time.

Saturday, 8 January 2011


I can't stand rudeness. If you arrive late to something you should apologise. Then you should get on with the task at hand. NOT muck about for another half an hour with something not essential.When people have given up there free time and hard earned cash you should treat them with some respect. I'm growing tired of excuses and I know I'm not the only one!

Monday, 3 January 2011

Learning to knit

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Every year I vow to learn to knit. Despite many kind offers from people to teach I've never actually pinned anyone down for a lesson. Many many failed solo attempts left me disheartened and in the end last year I gave up and reached for the crochet hook instead. But for Christmas I recieved a new craft book about crochet AND knitting. I also was kindly gifted some needles so without much hope I started again! I really do feeling like I'm finally getting somewhere . I'm starting small , a scarf for my daughter, but hope to progress to actual garments before too long! Wish me luck!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Lovely day

Caught up with friends , got a new winter duvet! At last! Getting somewhere with learning to knit and cozy bed with new bed linen at the end of the day! Bliss! And that pesky cold I've got - well I'm just going to ignore it until it realises it's not wanted here. Must stop have such unfocused days tho and get back into routine. My sink isn't going to shine it's self now is it!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year!

2011 promises to be an exciting one ! Lots of very cool things planned . Some I can talk about ( choir competions, starting to gig with the Pink Floyd tribute band , TAKE THAT) some I can't talk about ( nope sorry I said CAN'T - but watch this space! ) . I have good feelings. Let's not lie tho it's gonna be tough! But what I lack ( money of course) I make up for in so many other ways . I just can't help but feel rich and blessed.
No new year resolutions except for this. 2011 is the year I put my family unit FIRST and stop worrying about every bugger else.

Happy new year to you all :)