Monday, 7 March 2011

A Monday morning report

What's new in my world? Well in the last week I have been ill , my son has been ill and my niece who I look after has been ill. I have also had another Echoes of Floyd gig which we had some fantastic reviews and feedback for. We had a good sort out of the kids rooms, moving Euans bed into Tegans room . Euans old room is now a playroom. Tegan has been iceskating and loved it! Mmmm what else? Ooo I had a consultants appointment which went well and confirmed that I am an ideal candidate to give birth in the midwife led unit or even for a home birth! Whoop whoop!!

Plans fir this week include a band practice , start sorting out the garden, have another sort out of my clothes, finish knitting a hat and possibly start a blanket. Cuddle my children and cheer up! Wish me luck :)

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