Monday, 16 May 2011

Foolish ideas

I actually managed to complete last weeks to do list and was feeling mightly impressed with myself! Wanting to start this week in the same positive vein I decided that rather than wait for my dear hubby to put the black sacks in the attic I would just do it myself . All went fine until I wobbled lost my balance and fell from the ladder. Baby is wriggling around like a nutter thank godness. I am however shuffling around like an old woman who is waiting for a hip replacement! Oh the joys! So hubby came home from work ( told me off) and sent me to bed for the rest of the day! Doh! Postive start to the week FAIL!

Anyhoo this weeks to do list :)

Blog about the very wonderful Barefoot Birth Pools

Make onion and garlic syrup

Make and list for sale another 5 items :)

Finish back section of current knitting project

Sort out the childrens playroom .

All very easily achievable !


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