Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Handmade gifts

This year I plan to make as many gifts I can for the many birthdays and occasions we have to celebrate. While I love doing this I am a tad concerned that my crafting talenting leave a lot to be desired .so does this turn my gifts from handcrafted items given with love to handmade tat that you only normally keep if your child made it? Who knows. To be honest there isn't much choice as I have NO money in our monthly budget for gifts and treats.
From a personal point of view I LOVE recieving handmade gifts. It makes me think that the person has really thought about it rather than just buying the first thing they see on the shelf.I know not everyone feels the same though. So what do you think about homemade gifts? And are you still grateful even if it's not the best work you've ever seen?

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