Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I need to get knitting!

I have two newborn projects on the needles and at this rate my newborn will arrive before they are finished! Let's not pretend they will get finished once he is here either so I if I don't finish them now I never blummin will! Stop talking about and get on with it!!! Lol!!

Monday, 25 July 2011

I'm having a baby!!!!

Yes I am aware that this isn't news. After all I have had 38 weeks to get used to the idea but as a friend recently said ' there is something about having a birth pool set up in your living room that reminds you that a new baby is coming'. She wasn't wrong either! Suddenly I have a nervous know of excitement and it all feels real! My doula is away til Wednesday so nothing can happen before then but really we are all systems go and baby could arrive any time. I keep catching myself squeezing my children a little too tight , especially Euan who's time as the baby of the family is drawing to a close. How will being the middle child affect him I wonder? Will he suddenly seem huge to me once I am nursing a baby in my arms. I feel tearful at the thought. I am going to a wedding Friday and that is the last thing I have on the calender before my due date. I fully expect to go 'over' so I should get a week of rest before all the fun begins!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Echoes of Floyd

Tonight is my last gig scheduled before I'm due to give birth! Our next gig is end of August but won't still be preggo then right? RIGHT???? Anyway tonight is kind of a big deal.... large audiences, great stage , potential investor in the crowd. Yeah a big deal! Since I announced this pregnancy everyone has been a bit dubious that I would still be singing by this gig. Here I am tho not only still singing but still standing too! Never underestimate my desire to perform. I'm really looking forward to tonight . Not only should the gig be awesome! But once this gig is done there are just 2 more dates to get though on my calender before I can relax and let this baby come! Again with other peoples opinions but nobody seems to think I will make my due date and despite the fact that I am certain I will go 'over' I will sigh a huge sigh of relief when all other important engagements have past. Plus I hate to admit it but I'm beginning to struggle now, time to slow down for certain!
Wish me luck ( or should that be break a leg? Not sure of the protocol for prog rock band performances ;). ) and take a look at the website . Oh and if you live nearby why not come along to Deeping Rugby Club Beer festival! It should be epic!!!

Let me tell you about Euan ....


Currently my baby soon to be my middle child. 3 years old today and such a little character! This little fella never fails to surprise me. In fact he started surprising my right from day one. After 20 weeks of thinking I was having a little girl out popped Euan! 10 days late I might add after being so convinced baby would be early. You see he keeps me on my toes. My little man who only has to turn on the charm and he can wrap anyone round his little finger! Until recently he was a boy of few words but over the last few weeks we've had an explosion of talking! Suddenly he is attempting to tell jokes ( all involving bum bums - such a lad already!) and if I don't understand him he has begun to over exaggerate his words and act them out like a game of charades ! He loves to run, climb, throw but also likes to snuggle up with a story or to watch a film. He has an amazing ability to fall asleep anywhere. You try to get him to nap and there is no chance! But when he is tired , he is tired and has been found in all sorts of positions where he has obviously fallen asleep mid play! Should be interesting when he starts school! Talking of school, he starts preschool in september! A few short weeks away! Amazing! Every day is a delight with him in my life and I can't wait to discover all the new ways he will be surprising me as he grows up !

Happy Birthday little man!!!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

End of an Era

Today is Tegans end of term party at preschool. Her last day at preschool which means that in September my baby girl will be going to actual school! How can she be old enough already? More to the point when did I get old enough to have a child in school??? Tegan seems much more prepared for this transition than I am. She is excited about her teacher, the classrooms, the library but most of all she is excited about the uniform. So excited in fact that I have had to hang her uniform in my room to stop her dressing up in it every day !!! To see that tiny little uniform , hanging next to the even tinier baby clothes waiting for our new arrival!, makes my heart ache! I want to keep her my little girl for ever! When people tell you it goes so fast they are not blummin kidding! Before I know it she will be a teenager and not interested in hanging out with me. But for now still my little girl who sneaks into my bed in the middle of the night and wraps her hand in mine to make sure I don't leave! Please give me the patience to treasure every moment :)

Friday, 15 July 2011

5 am on a Saturday morning

Fairly certain this time of day shouldn't exist! I am exhausted and yet here I am wide awake while the rest of the house snores away. Today my awakened state is the fault of some fairly wicked heartburn and a slightly odd (but not unpleasant) dream *blush* ! Gotta love those pregnancy hormones.
So anyway I am sat here listening to the sound of my home . The slight buzz of electrical appliances, the tick tock of my clock, the occasional sigh from various family members as they enjoy a couple more hours slumber before the day truly begins.While I am not naturally a morning person I do quite enjoy these snatched moments of peacefulness . When feeling energetic I sometimes do a bit of cleaning and then prepare a treat breakfast for when the rabble descends. Unfortunately not really feeling the energy burst this morning so I may just sit and knit! Hubby will be greeted with a cup of tea and kiss tho and I will set out breakfast for the children. Gotta make the effort eh?

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Well that was fun......not

After a lovely morning meeting a lovely pregnant friend I realise that not only was baby still very quiet but I was also feeling increasingly uncomfortable. A quick call to the hospital and a stupidly expensive taxi journey I was at the delivery suite to get checked out. First I had to wait 10 mins to be let in and told to wait in the waiting room. After another 40 minutes a midwife finally came to ask who I was and to see my notes. Another 30 mins before she checked my temp and blood pressure. Finally got hooked up to a monitor. Babies heartbeat was thankfully strong but dipped slightly when I had a tightening . The pains were certainly not strong enough to register as contractions but strong enough to make me uncomfortable lying on my back for 40 mins. Midwife finally returns to tell me all is fine but I need to see a doctor before she can let me leave. Doctor has back to back c sections so no idea when I'll get seen! I waited another half hour , then an hour . Finally I asked for my notes without seeing the doctor as I was starting to feel very stressed. Glad baby is ok but to be honest the trip felt like a waste of energy. The maternity hospital seemed woefully understaffed. No receptionist , one midwife manning triage on her own ( there was 6 or 7 other ladies there by my count) and apparently just the one doctor. The triage nurse was not only dealing with all the pregnant women alone but was also answer the maternity helpline and answering the door. I felt stressed from the moment I arrived and I feel more certain than ever that a homebirth is the way to go. Less than 2 weeks til I am classed as full term and while I am happy to wait for baby I will definately breathe a sigh of relief when I am in the home birth safe zone.

And breathe........

Woke at 3.30am this morning , heartburn , need to pee , stomach ache. Came and sat downstairs to try and get comfy. With all those pregnancy symptoms the one thing I wasn't feeling was baby kicking. In fact I didn't feel any movement and when the rest of the house stirred at about 7 am still nothing. I'm guessing he was asleep because I HAVE felt some movement now but I have never been more frightened. :( Come on Baby Wyche don't scare your mama like that.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Staying on top of things

Why is it that just when you need your wits about you , baby brain attacks? There is lots to do before this baby makes an appearance, at least I think there is , I wouldn't know my brain has stopped working! Today's task is to pack a bag for the baby for hospital. You would think this would be fairly easy but I'm not sure where to begin! I don't think this is helped by the fact that I don't intend to GO to hospital! Also last time the babygrows I packed were too small. So what size do I pack? A variety of sizes and styles? How hot might it be that day?Will baby need a jacket? Blankets? Hats?How many nappies??? Ah I give up!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Lazy Days...

....not sure I really remember what one of those is! Every day seems to be a flurry of activity , racing from one task to the next! I think the nesting urge has well and truly hit . Even when I do get the opportunity to just sit my mind is racing, making lists , planning my next move. Arrival of baby number 3 still feels like an age away and yet I am aware that he will be here soon. So much to do before then tho including seeing Take That , singing at a beer festival and seeing one of my best friends walk down the aisle! Exciting times. I should, right now, be winding down ready for bed . Instead I sm blogging. And I am only doing that to distract me from reorganising my wardrobe! I am enjoying these energetic burst but need reminding to take things easy. Tomorrow the sun is due to shine so my plan ( see there I go again) is to sit in the sun while the children play. I may knit, I may start work on a poster I've been asked to create ...,or maybe, just maybe I'll simply sit. We shall see!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Well that's been interesting !

What a couple of weeks we've had , we've been vegetarian ( ran out of meat and cash!) Internet free ( misunderstanding over payment dates) and sunburnt! I feel exhausted and not quite ready for a blog post! But I do have lots to chat about so will be back soon xxxx