Sunday, 27 November 2011

Confused thoughts

I have a lot in my life to be grateful for. My family , my health , my home all that Jazz ! I am grateful . I often look around at all I have and think 'wow! Just look at how lucky I am' . Things are very nearly perfect . Money worries are an issue though. Due to some very silly decisions when we were younger money is likely to always be something that causes worry. That said we are not too materialistic these days and I honestly don't think we do too badly considering the extremely tight budgets we have to live on. What I'm wondering thoughts whether it is wrong to want more? If 80% of the time things are good should we accept that the remaining 20% will never be perfect. I don't think that explains it well , I did say it was confusing! There is one aspect of my life that I wish was different . If I'm honest its been that way a very very long time but because everything else is so good I made a choice to accept it. I decided I could live with it. Recently though I've been reminded that it 'could' be different. Suddenly my decision doesn't seem so clear cut! Suddenly I'm thinking how much better things could be . I love my life , my husband , my family but I can't help wondering 'what if' .

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