Thursday, 17 March 2011

Oi that's my idea!!!

Someone posted a status on Facebook that was basically saying 'tho it's tempting to look at something and think 'i could do that' please stick to your own ideas' . Now in principle I agree , especially if you plan to sell these items. BUT truly how many original ideas are left? How often have you had a craft idea prompted by a new to you medium or an item from your recycling box etc only to google and find loads of tutorials on blogs across the world? Also I often try to recreate something I've seen someone else make but can't afford ( see Tuesdays post!) but I always make my 'slightly' different. Sometimes that's not even intentional but down to my lack of skills!!
So I'm pondering. When is it ok to be inspired by others work and when is it just idea stealing? Is it ok as long as you plan not to sell? And should you always give named to credit to those that inspire you even if your finished product looks nothing like the original? Thoughts please!!


  1. I think making something similar to what someone else does is completely different from buying someones product deconstructing it and copying the design

    what I dont like however is when people ask current WAHMs for help in learning their craft and then set up in competition, thats not on at all

    I have had this happen to me and wasnt nice at all

  2. Definately Emma! I think the key here is honesty and transparency. If you honest about your intentions then it's up to people to decide whether they want to help them eh? Unfortunately lots of people manage to be successful based on dishonesty which makes others disillusioned.