Monday, 14 March 2011

A new week

Last week was tough. Still feeling under the weather. Not getting enough done. I was grumpy with the children and with my husband. All due to my own impatience. The week ended with me in the most spectacular grump.
Then a few things happened which made me realise that our time is short and that I should appreciate every second. First the disaster in Japan . How could you not feel humbled by mother nature watching the astonishing footage on our screens.
Then the discovery that a little boy my daughter played with at preschool had died and most likely he was murdered . Only two streets away from my home.
Then a woman on my due date forum suddenly lost her husband at the weekend. She now faces raising her young son and unborn child alone with her best friend. This shocked me to the core. I can't imagine the grief that poor family is having to face and I pray they find strength from somewhere,

All this has reminded me just how lucky I am . So I face this new week with renewed enthausiam . Tasks planned, playdates arranged and most of all patience and love for the most important people in my life , my husband and my children.

Count your blessings folks and maybe you too will realise how rich you actually are.

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