Wednesday, 25 May 2011

What a week!

Yeah I know it's only Wednesday. But truly I feel like it's going soooooo slowly! My husband did an unexpected night shift Saturday night when we were looking after our niece and to be honest I'm not sure I have yet fully recovered! Wonderful christening Sunday , truly beautiful. But of course the hubster was exhausted so it was a loooooonnnngggg day! Monday night I rehearse with the band and I swear finishes my day at nearly 1am does not make a happy mama!! Tuesday saw me hitting the 29 week mark in this pregnancy . I thought the exhaustion from the night before would kill me! Luckily my guardian angel swooped in a saved me yet again and made the day not only bearable but dare I say fun! Lol! An early night brings me to today . Today I have felt nearly human! Huzzah! Another early night tonight and I'll have just caught up enough to handle tomorrow nights rehearsal and Saturday nights gig! I frigging rock!!!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Do you believe in Angels?

Now I'm not sure I believe in cute dudes in long white dresses with halo and fluffy wings BUT I do believe that some people in our lives are sent to enhance and protect our lives. I have often felt that someone is watching out for me . I have always been blessed with an amazing family who would do anything for me and I don't know what I would do without them. However I also have some pretty amazing friends. Fairly recently a wonderful woman and her family have become a very important part of our lives. I don't even really know how our friendships began? I know that our children became firm friends fast but my daughter makes a lot of friends , not all of them lead to new friendships for me too. This time tho play dates soon became a regular thing and I truly class this woman as one of my closest friends. She has been there for me so much already and I can't imagine her not being around. The greatest thing is that our husbands also get on.... which means we can socialise as a whole family! I LOVE this as my husband is my best friend and I try to involve him in everything I do :)

This weekend we will become godparents to the couple newest arrival and I cannot begin to tell you how honoured I am to be becoming truly part of the family.

If angels do exist then I am fairly certain that I have met one of mine ... you know who you are. Thank you.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Some new items for sale on my facebook page! please come take a look!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Barefoot Birth Pools

As I have mentioned in previous post we have decided to book a home birth for this , my last pregnancy and birth . One of the things I have wanted with previous children was a water birth. Unfortunately Ive not even managed to get in a pool let alone birth in one as yet. With my first my labour was far too 'managed' with an induction , an epidural and ultimately a forceps delivery. Second time round would have been perfect. Except the hospital had severe staff shortages and far too many women in labour! So I didn't get gas and air let alone a pool. This time I am determined to at least TRY a pool so I am taking matters into my own hands and hiring one. What I love about this idea is that we get the pool for 4 weeks. This means I will be able to use the pool even when I am not in labour to ease my aching hips and sore pelvis. Bliss!
The timing couldn't have been more perfect actually as some friends of mine have just started up a new business hiring out birth pools. Cool huh? Now obviously being only 28 weeks I don't have the pool yet but I promise I will do a full and frank review after the big event. However I can review the service so far. The company is call Barefoot Birth Pools and is family run. The website is warm and inviting and all questions I initially had were answered easily. Response to my emailed enquiry was speedy and instilled confidence that I would be well looked after. While there is no discount available for low income families a payment was quickly and simply arranged. I love that paypal is accepted meaning I can pay uses funds I have raised through online sales. The inclusion of a tens machine in the hire cost is also a welcome bonus... one less thing for me to think about!

So now I just wait. On one hand I feel that my pregnancy is crawling but on the other hand it is racing by! I am sure it won't be long before I am posting a birth story. Fingers crossed I will be welcoming my baby into the world in the comfort of my own home in a beautiful pool. Sounds good to me!

Please check the website and become a fan on facebook!

Monday, 16 May 2011

Foolish ideas

I actually managed to complete last weeks to do list and was feeling mightly impressed with myself! Wanting to start this week in the same positive vein I decided that rather than wait for my dear hubby to put the black sacks in the attic I would just do it myself . All went fine until I wobbled lost my balance and fell from the ladder. Baby is wriggling around like a nutter thank godness. I am however shuffling around like an old woman who is waiting for a hip replacement! Oh the joys! So hubby came home from work ( told me off) and sent me to bed for the rest of the day! Doh! Postive start to the week FAIL!

Anyhoo this weeks to do list :)

Blog about the very wonderful Barefoot Birth Pools

Make onion and garlic syrup

Make and list for sale another 5 items :)

Finish back section of current knitting project

Sort out the childrens playroom .

All very easily achievable !


Sunday, 8 May 2011

Small Achieveable Goals

If I get these things done this week I will call it a success!

Actually GO to a Natural Parenting Meeting rather than just think about it.

Sort MY wardrobe.

List 5 items for sale .

Organise my bookcase .

Not too much to ask eh? Let's see how it goes! ;)

Friday, 6 May 2011

Energy level at an all time low

Man I'm tired. I have so much to do but no energy or motivation. Right now I am actually just lying down on the sofa feeling a bit sorry for myself . At only 26 weeks pregnant I am more than a little concerned that I may never feel energised again! Can you imagine the state of my home if I do nothing for the next 14 weeks! Aaaaarrrggghhhh!
In other news DH has agreed to the homebirth so I am very very happy about that! Only thing is it seems so far away. I am so impatient!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

An unhealthy obsession

With the Internet. I cannot spend 5 minutes without checking whether I have recieved an email or facebook notification. I kid myself that it's a good thing. That this way I stay in touch with the outside world. Keep up to date with current affairs. Learn new skills. In reality I just waste hours being non productive and it feeds my paranoid thoughts that nobody likes me. I'm aware that my days are better when not attached to some online device but seem powerless to walk away from it. I need to be stricter . It seems ridiculous to suggest that I send my hubby to work with my iPod and my laptop but I think that may be the only way to break the cycle! It can't be just me whovis like this ? Maybe there is a facebook group ..........