Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The name game

I know we've got aaaaaagggggeeeees yet but I am already thinking of names for our unborn baby :) In fact we have chosen a boys name already ( sorry we are not sharing !) but I'm having real trouble with the girls name. Ideally we would like the name to end in 'n' and also we don't want it to start with 'R' 'D' 'T' or 'E' . I can't think of anything! I'd like something slightly different but not weird! Any suggestions??


  1. Exciting!
    Hmm... Megan? Susan? Alison? Arwen? Ffion? Lauren?
    Can't think of anything that unusual apart from Ffion. A nod to baby's welsh heritage maybe. ;) x

  2. I really like Arwen but Dave isn't keen! Will suggest Ffion that is pretty :)