Sunday, 3 July 2011

Lazy Days...

....not sure I really remember what one of those is! Every day seems to be a flurry of activity , racing from one task to the next! I think the nesting urge has well and truly hit . Even when I do get the opportunity to just sit my mind is racing, making lists , planning my next move. Arrival of baby number 3 still feels like an age away and yet I am aware that he will be here soon. So much to do before then tho including seeing Take That , singing at a beer festival and seeing one of my best friends walk down the aisle! Exciting times. I should, right now, be winding down ready for bed . Instead I sm blogging. And I am only doing that to distract me from reorganising my wardrobe! I am enjoying these energetic burst but need reminding to take things easy. Tomorrow the sun is due to shine so my plan ( see there I go again) is to sit in the sun while the children play. I may knit, I may start work on a poster I've been asked to create ...,or maybe, just maybe I'll simply sit. We shall see!

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