Sunday, 19 June 2011

A new week

And so it is Monday morning again. My weekend has once again raced by and I feel like I missed it! That said I did enjoy it so I shouldn't complain. Saturday was spent away from my precious family, first at my very first homebirth meeting . and very pleased I was able to make it , the journey alone on public transport was a challenge for my shaky nerves, turned out to be surprisingly pleasant! Then coffee (decaf of course) and cake with a friend and finally an afternoon in the studio auditioning for a new backing vocalist for the band! Altogether a lively and ADULT day! How few of those I seem to have at the moment! :)
Sunday saw me rising early to go ave breakfast with my wonderful Dad before he went off to work. My Dad is an inspiration to me in so many ways. I am thankful to have someone like him in my life. My children too adore him and rightly so! He is great fun even if he does do a VERY good impression of a grumpy old man alot of the time ;)
Once Dad had left for work I stayed for a quick cuppa and chat with my lovely Mum . How lucky I am to have a good relationship with my Parents. I hope my children feel the same way about my husband and I when they are adults.
The rest of the day was spent exactly as my husband requested. It was after all his day! So we played at the park, created 'art' ( loosely used term!) had a water fight in the garden and snuggled in the sofa watching a movie. He made some good choices as he so often does. My husband is a wonderful father. He has taken to parenting much more naturally than I have. Seeing him with our children only makes me live him more. Because of him I went from a young girl who didn't want children ( they smell and are noisy- just try and disagree!) into a woman who adores nothing more than to be surrounded by our growing family. I am who I am because of him and the changes are for the better. He supports me in my many seemingly crazy ventures with only the occasional roll of the eye and I look forward to seeing how that support influences our family as they grow. Our children will grow up thinking anything is possible . What greater gift could a father give?

And so this new week. A week that will see me 33 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. A week where I will meet an Internet friend in real life for the first time. And week where I see a friend get married :)

Bring it on!!!

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