Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Time is flying by so quickly

My baby is 9 weeks old already and in some ways it feel like he has been here forever. My older two are well settled at school ( and then along comes half term!) and normality is slowly returning! It's easy to forget that I've just had a baby and subsequently I'm maybe pushing myself too far. The late night and early starts are taking there toll and for the second time since Masons arrival I have lost my voice. Miserable under any circumstances I think you'll agree but for a singer disastrous ! It has a direct affect on my mood and so I now just feel like crying and I'm very sorry for myself. Feeling sorry for myself won't make me better tho so I need to try hard to be proactive instead. So for a couple of days I will wrap up warm , drink honey and lemon and concentrate on REST .

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