Monday, 13 June 2011

Pure Potions Skin Salvation

or as my 3 year old calls it 'My Magic Cream' :)
My son suffers with eczema . Primarily on the creases of his elbows. Recently he has had a terrible flair up which causes him to itch so badly he bleeds. Poor little man has been really miserable with it and unable to sleep. We had been to see the GP who prescribed various items including strong Hydrocortizone / steroid creams. When he first advised me to use this I was told I could use it for no longer than one week as it was too strong for my poor lad sensitive skin. When we returned a week later and his arms were no better, in fact worse, Doctor told us to continue with the cream for another fortnight and then go back. What??The cream I was told the week before was too strong! Unbelievable. Still doctor knows best right? So on we went. Two weeks later his arms were still as bad. The doctor then suggests continuing treatment for another 3 weeks. By this point I had truly had enough. I was not putting that cream on his arms for another day let alone 3 weeks. It was then a family member suggested I try a product that had been recommended on a popular daytime TV show. It was called Skin Salvation and was available to purchase on AMAZON. I checked out the reviews and was pleased to see that the product contained only natural ingredients and wasn't too pricey either. It had to be worth a shot! So I ordered the cream and began to use it. I was wasn't holding my breath , after all nothing else I had tried seemed to work but we immediately began to see results. In contrast to our son crying when ever ever I applied the doctors cream he was now requesting his magic cream! It clearly sooths him. Within 24 hours his arms no longer looked red and inflamed. The scabs were getting a chance to heal as he was no longer scratching himself until he bled. The smaller dry patch very very quickly were gone.To say we are impressed is an understatement. A month later and his arms are not completely better. However they are well on the way! Now if we could just convince him to stop being such a BOY and getting into everything , he might not have quiet so many flare ups due to rubbing against things that don't agree with him! But all in all this cream has dramatically improved his arms and I would highly recommend it. Particularly if you are an adult who know better than to scratch!

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This is NOT a paid for review, I have received no reward for writing this. But any reward would be gratefully received ;)


  1. We ordered some for Phoebe last week. Looking forward to the great results. We missed you guys today. xx

  2. Hi Crunchy Nut Mama
    So lovely to read about your success with Skin Salvation, really pleased to hear it has brought such relief for your son, and for you.
    If you could email us your address we would love to send you some free products to say thank you for writing about Skin Salvation on your blog.
    Best wishes
    Weze Hannam (Purepotions Skincare Ltd)

  3. Thanks,Crunchy Nut Mama
    I have a 14 mth old daughter with excema who has difficulty with the consistency of her sleep largely due to itching night and day.It's agonising to feel so powerless at times.We've followed medical advice and our hydrocortisone experience has been somewhat similar to yours.Success has been short-lived.And so we are very encouraged to hear there's a potential source of relief and can't wait for our order to arrive.