Sunday, 11 September 2011

Easily Distracted

Mason has been earthside for almost 3 weeks and I am still finding him insanely distracting in the best possible way! Lots and lots of projects that need to be completed, half written blog posts to be posted not to mention the usual housework and day to day tasks. All I want to do is sit gazing at my son , stroking his face , breathing in his smell , enjoying him . One day ( far too soon) I will have to re enter the real world and get on with things but right now I'm happy to stay enclosed in my family bubble where the only thing that matters is my children , my husband and me. Not every moment is easy and I have already made some tentative steps back to reality but forgive me if I am in no real rush! If your waiting for something from me , please remind me , I almost certainly have forgotten. I'll be back soon I promise x

1 comment:

  1. 3 weeks already? Wow that has gone quick. Enjoy him while you can because before long he'll be at senior school and then leaving home :o(