Friday, 18 March 2011


Today is my 20 week scan for my third pregnancy. I feel very nervous . I don't remember being anything other that excited in my previous pregnancies. Now maybe I wasn't. Maybe I just don't remember as those babies are now 4 and 2 . More likely I think that this 3rd time round I am 'pushing my luck' . I have been so lucky so far. Falling pregnant quickly and without trouble. 2 normal pregnancies resulting in 2 healthy beautiful babies. Surely to go again is just greedy. Irrational maybe but none the less I am worried. I'm feeling only flickerings from my unborn child while I was feeling full on kicks by this point in my last pregnancy . Or again can I just not remember? Ah well only a few hours til we know. All being well after today's scan he next time I will see my baby is when I cradle him and her to nurse! Crazy thought!

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  1. Just to clarify .... him OR her! It's not twins!!! Lol!!