Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Strike Day

Today the children are not at school due to the strikes. Actually they wouldn't have been going anyway because they are sick but thats beside the point! Lol! So anyway, I've seen so many parents on Facebook complaining that there is no school. Now for those parents that work I can see how it is inconvenient but for those that don't work? Why complain!! It's just one day , what would you be doing that's so important anyway. I'm taking the opportunity to cuddle on the sofa with my little ones , staying in the warm because we have nothing at all planned. I miss Tegan when she is at school all day. She is often tired and grumpy by the time she gets home so we rarely get to do anything nice after school and the weekends go far too quickly. I'm not going to pretend I know any of the details of the strike so can't really form an educated opinion , but I do know that I am grateful for the dayoff with my babies!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Poorly children

Is there anything worse than seeing your children poorly sick? Thank god my children are generally healthy but this week they have dreadful colds . Hacking coughs, streaming eyes, runny noses , painful ears the works!! So this week instead of the crafting we were hoping to do we are mostly sitting , cuddling and watching tv. Fingers crossed that they get well soon x

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Christmas Crafting.

I've got lots of ideas for Christmas crafts I want to do with the children this year . Not to mention some crafts I want to get done myself!! But look it's nearly December already and I've not even started!!! I had hoped for a completely handmade Christmas but let's be honest it ain't gonna happen! I will however manage a couple of handmade ornaments for the tree . Let's keep our targets small while things are so hectic :)
Inspire me folks ! What ideas do you have for projects with your small people?

Confused thoughts

I have a lot in my life to be grateful for. My family , my health , my home all that Jazz ! I am grateful . I often look around at all I have and think 'wow! Just look at how lucky I am' . Things are very nearly perfect . Money worries are an issue though. Due to some very silly decisions when we were younger money is likely to always be something that causes worry. That said we are not too materialistic these days and I honestly don't think we do too badly considering the extremely tight budgets we have to live on. What I'm wondering thoughts whether it is wrong to want more? If 80% of the time things are good should we accept that the remaining 20% will never be perfect. I don't think that explains it well , I did say it was confusing! There is one aspect of my life that I wish was different . If I'm honest its been that way a very very long time but because everything else is so good I made a choice to accept it. I decided I could live with it. Recently though I've been reminded that it 'could' be different. Suddenly my decision doesn't seem so clear cut! Suddenly I'm thinking how much better things could be . I love my life , my husband , my family but I can't help wondering 'what if' .

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Things have got a little crazy

I'm still here , still plodding along. The children are wonderful . Mason is 3 months already ! I should be happy , I am happy but I've got to be honest things have got a little confusing. I can't talk about it here, or anywhere really? So I'm being quiet , working things out , plodding. I will be back .

Friday, 11 November 2011

Friday again

The weeks seem to be flying by at the moment. It will soon be Christmas and then new year. It only feels like yesterday that Dave and I were discussing maybe the possibility of baby number 3 and now here I am nursing him , doing homework with my 5 year old and chatting to my 3 year old . Who , by the way, only knew about 5 words this time last year! Insane!! Things are not easy at the moment. I am tired all the time and really really need to get over my desire to be fricking super mum. Who is she anyway? My children are clean ( sort of) dressed ( in a fashion) and fed every day. That's pretty darn amazing me thinks . Pre children I used to struggle to just get me out of the door on time! I can't quite believe that I'm the same person as back then . That girl still exists , I catch glimpses of her from time to time . Generally tho I am a whole new me. Most of the time I love new me. Other times I could slap her!! Haha!!

Next week I will hopefully post some pics of some crafty projects I've got on the go.

Hey you never know I may even be back to posting every day at some points!! Don't hold your breath tho please :)

Friday, 4 November 2011

Late nights and early starts

It's a strange thing for someone as tired as I claim to be to stay up past midnight and to get up before Dawn. But recently that's what been happening. A combination of things causing this but the main problem is my inability to turn off my brain. It is constantly racing thinking about life , love and everything. I wish I could just solve some of the problems in my own and in my family's lives but I fear more problems would only arrive. Therefore I need to work out a way to put my worries to one side just long enough to get some really restful sleep. My immune system does not appear to be coping well with the barrage of germs the winter months and school age children are throwing at me. My singing voice is still not back to full strength , my skin is pale and spotty and my tummy is flabby . Ok well that last one might be more to do with constant snacking and lack of exercise but you get the picture.
On a more positive note Tegan and Euan are loving school . Mason appears to be thriving . I have good friends , a fulfilling hobby which I one day hope to earning from ( the singing - please voice come back!) and the ever supportive family! So mostly things are good in my world , the problems are really all superficial and caused by my greed.

So I just need to get over myself! Job done!! Lol!!