Thursday, 21 July 2011

Echoes of Floyd

Tonight is my last gig scheduled before I'm due to give birth! Our next gig is end of August but won't still be preggo then right? RIGHT???? Anyway tonight is kind of a big deal.... large audiences, great stage , potential investor in the crowd. Yeah a big deal! Since I announced this pregnancy everyone has been a bit dubious that I would still be singing by this gig. Here I am tho not only still singing but still standing too! Never underestimate my desire to perform. I'm really looking forward to tonight . Not only should the gig be awesome! But once this gig is done there are just 2 more dates to get though on my calender before I can relax and let this baby come! Again with other peoples opinions but nobody seems to think I will make my due date and despite the fact that I am certain I will go 'over' I will sigh a huge sigh of relief when all other important engagements have past. Plus I hate to admit it but I'm beginning to struggle now, time to slow down for certain!
Wish me luck ( or should that be break a leg? Not sure of the protocol for prog rock band performances ;). ) and take a look at the website . Oh and if you live nearby why not come along to Deeping Rugby Club Beer festival! It should be epic!!!

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