Thursday, 21 July 2011

Let me tell you about Euan ....


Currently my baby soon to be my middle child. 3 years old today and such a little character! This little fella never fails to surprise me. In fact he started surprising my right from day one. After 20 weeks of thinking I was having a little girl out popped Euan! 10 days late I might add after being so convinced baby would be early. You see he keeps me on my toes. My little man who only has to turn on the charm and he can wrap anyone round his little finger! Until recently he was a boy of few words but over the last few weeks we've had an explosion of talking! Suddenly he is attempting to tell jokes ( all involving bum bums - such a lad already!) and if I don't understand him he has begun to over exaggerate his words and act them out like a game of charades ! He loves to run, climb, throw but also likes to snuggle up with a story or to watch a film. He has an amazing ability to fall asleep anywhere. You try to get him to nap and there is no chance! But when he is tired , he is tired and has been found in all sorts of positions where he has obviously fallen asleep mid play! Should be interesting when he starts school! Talking of school, he starts preschool in september! A few short weeks away! Amazing! Every day is a delight with him in my life and I can't wait to discover all the new ways he will be surprising me as he grows up !

Happy Birthday little man!!!

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