Friday, 15 July 2011

5 am on a Saturday morning

Fairly certain this time of day shouldn't exist! I am exhausted and yet here I am wide awake while the rest of the house snores away. Today my awakened state is the fault of some fairly wicked heartburn and a slightly odd (but not unpleasant) dream *blush* ! Gotta love those pregnancy hormones.
So anyway I am sat here listening to the sound of my home . The slight buzz of electrical appliances, the tick tock of my clock, the occasional sigh from various family members as they enjoy a couple more hours slumber before the day truly begins.While I am not naturally a morning person I do quite enjoy these snatched moments of peacefulness . When feeling energetic I sometimes do a bit of cleaning and then prepare a treat breakfast for when the rabble descends. Unfortunately not really feeling the energy burst this morning so I may just sit and knit! Hubby will be greeted with a cup of tea and kiss tho and I will set out breakfast for the children. Gotta make the effort eh?

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