Monday, 25 July 2011

I'm having a baby!!!!

Yes I am aware that this isn't news. After all I have had 38 weeks to get used to the idea but as a friend recently said ' there is something about having a birth pool set up in your living room that reminds you that a new baby is coming'. She wasn't wrong either! Suddenly I have a nervous know of excitement and it all feels real! My doula is away til Wednesday so nothing can happen before then but really we are all systems go and baby could arrive any time. I keep catching myself squeezing my children a little too tight , especially Euan who's time as the baby of the family is drawing to a close. How will being the middle child affect him I wonder? Will he suddenly seem huge to me once I am nursing a baby in my arms. I feel tearful at the thought. I am going to a wedding Friday and that is the last thing I have on the calender before my due date. I fully expect to go 'over' so I should get a week of rest before all the fun begins!

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