Friday, 4 November 2011

Late nights and early starts

It's a strange thing for someone as tired as I claim to be to stay up past midnight and to get up before Dawn. But recently that's what been happening. A combination of things causing this but the main problem is my inability to turn off my brain. It is constantly racing thinking about life , love and everything. I wish I could just solve some of the problems in my own and in my family's lives but I fear more problems would only arrive. Therefore I need to work out a way to put my worries to one side just long enough to get some really restful sleep. My immune system does not appear to be coping well with the barrage of germs the winter months and school age children are throwing at me. My singing voice is still not back to full strength , my skin is pale and spotty and my tummy is flabby . Ok well that last one might be more to do with constant snacking and lack of exercise but you get the picture.
On a more positive note Tegan and Euan are loving school . Mason appears to be thriving . I have good friends , a fulfilling hobby which I one day hope to earning from ( the singing - please voice come back!) and the ever supportive family! So mostly things are good in my world , the problems are really all superficial and caused by my greed.

So I just need to get over myself! Job done!! Lol!!

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