Wednesday, 6 April 2011


I have been neglecting my blog over the last week or so. I would love to say that because I've been so busy but sadly I've been neglecting most things. It would appear I've reached 'that point' in my pregnancy. You know the one ? The ' I am NEVER doing this again' point! In my first pregnancy I was at least 38 weeks before I felt that way. In my second pregnancy I was more like 30 weeks. This time...... well I'm currently 22 weeks! Don't get me wrong I love being pregnant. I love feeling my baby wiggle , I love my new body shape and I love the anticipation! I don't love the heartburn , the spd and the lack of energy. My hips are so painful that I genuinely don't see how I would survive another pregnancy ! So I am glad that we had already decided that this is our last. ! :)
At what stage do you reach the 'never again?' point?

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