Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Feeling content

That mythically 2nd trimester energy burst has FINALLY arrived and I am feeling good. I have some lovely friends , a wonderful family and I am blessed. Things aren't always easy especially financially but when it comes to the important stuff we are rich :)

I am 21weeks pregnant , got a lovely bumpage going on and I am excited about the future :)

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Tiredness vs nesting

Now I know I'm not actually nesting being only 20 weeks pregnant, but seriously I am on a mission to get my home organised and clean. Only problem being that even the gentle activitys such as washing chalk off my apple tree leaves me exhausted!!! Good job I'm starting early really!!! Lol!!!!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Feeling lost

And for no reason! I am exhausted and BORED . I'm knitting a baby blanket and watching House but in reality I think I need a nap. Lots of ideas for fun things to do required!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

And breathe...

The scan was wonderful! All was well with our little jelly bean . Maybe now I can finally relax. We took our daughter to the scan and she was overjoyed ! She loved seeing the baby on the screen and the sonographer was amazing with her. Even printed her own little picture to keep!So now to enjoy the next 20 odd weeks till new baby arrives :)

Friday, 18 March 2011


Today is my 20 week scan for my third pregnancy. I feel very nervous . I don't remember being anything other that excited in my previous pregnancies. Now maybe I wasn't. Maybe I just don't remember as those babies are now 4 and 2 . More likely I think that this 3rd time round I am 'pushing my luck' . I have been so lucky so far. Falling pregnant quickly and without trouble. 2 normal pregnancies resulting in 2 healthy beautiful babies. Surely to go again is just greedy. Irrational maybe but none the less I am worried. I'm feeling only flickerings from my unborn child while I was feeling full on kicks by this point in my last pregnancy . Or again can I just not remember? Ah well only a few hours til we know. All being well after today's scan he next time I will see my baby is when I cradle him and her to nurse! Crazy thought!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Oi that's my idea!!!

Someone posted a status on Facebook that was basically saying 'tho it's tempting to look at something and think 'i could do that' please stick to your own ideas' . Now in principle I agree , especially if you plan to sell these items. BUT truly how many original ideas are left? How often have you had a craft idea prompted by a new to you medium or an item from your recycling box etc only to google and find loads of tutorials on blogs across the world? Also I often try to recreate something I've seen someone else make but can't afford ( see Tuesdays post!) but I always make my 'slightly' different. Sometimes that's not even intentional but down to my lack of skills!!
So I'm pondering. When is it ok to be inspired by others work and when is it just idea stealing? Is it ok as long as you plan not to sell? And should you always give named to credit to those that inspire you even if your finished product looks nothing like the original? Thoughts please!!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

I love buttons!!

In sprit of my new get on with it attitude instead of whinging that I couldn't afford that lovely button heart I spied on Facebook I made my own!! What do you think?

I'm not a victim

So when did it become ok for me to act like one? I seem to be in a constant state of feeling sorry for myself. The first thing I think of when I wake up is 'oh no not enough sleep , I have headache again, I've got so much to do' . What I should be thinking is how lucky I am to be woken by two wonderful children , to be next to my best friend. That housework I'm moaning about? Really? At least I have a home to clean. I have food to prepare and clothes to wear. These are not negatives they are all things I should appreiciate more! In an ideal world I'd have more money but in reality we have more than enough if we live sensibly and stop craving more and more 'things' which let's be honest I'll only have to keep tidy and clean!
I'm fed up of acting the victim. It only proves to make me miserable. From now on I aim to celebrate my successes.

Monday, 14 March 2011

A new week

Last week was tough. Still feeling under the weather. Not getting enough done. I was grumpy with the children and with my husband. All due to my own impatience. The week ended with me in the most spectacular grump.
Then a few things happened which made me realise that our time is short and that I should appreciate every second. First the disaster in Japan . How could you not feel humbled by mother nature watching the astonishing footage on our screens.
Then the discovery that a little boy my daughter played with at preschool had died and most likely he was murdered . Only two streets away from my home.
Then a woman on my due date forum suddenly lost her husband at the weekend. She now faces raising her young son and unborn child alone with her best friend. This shocked me to the core. I can't imagine the grief that poor family is having to face and I pray they find strength from somewhere,

All this has reminded me just how lucky I am . So I face this new week with renewed enthausiam . Tasks planned, playdates arranged and most of all patience and love for the most important people in my life , my husband and my children.

Count your blessings folks and maybe you too will realise how rich you actually are.

Friday, 11 March 2011

A quiet day

And boy did I need it! I feel a bit like I've been running on empty for a couple of weeks now. Still got a lingering head cold but my energy levels appear to be rising ! Woo hoo! I am now 18 weeks pregnant and it's starting to feel real now. Not getting anything organised really til after my 20 week scan but got plenty of ideas ;)

Thinking lots about Japan today.

Monday, 7 March 2011

A Monday morning report

What's new in my world? Well in the last week I have been ill , my son has been ill and my niece who I look after has been ill. I have also had another Echoes of Floyd gig which we had some fantastic reviews and feedback for. We had a good sort out of the kids rooms, moving Euans bed into Tegans room . Euans old room is now a playroom. Tegan has been iceskating and loved it! Mmmm what else? Ooo I had a consultants appointment which went well and confirmed that I am an ideal candidate to give birth in the midwife led unit or even for a home birth! Whoop whoop!!

Plans fir this week include a band practice , start sorting out the garden, have another sort out of my clothes, finish knitting a hat and possibly start a blanket. Cuddle my children and cheer up! Wish me luck :)

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Sharing a room

My children have there own bedrooms and have since day one. I thought that would be best given that I have a boy and a girl. However over the last week or two they have been insisting they share. Even going so far as dragging Euans mattress into Tegans room in the middle if the night! So I am giving in! Lol! Will use Euans room as a toy room for now (nursery later :) ) and move around Tegans room so they can share! I wonder how it will work out? Sweetest thing wad that tegan has requested that I paint some cars to go with her butterflys so that Euan feels more at home! Cute!!