Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Let me be patient please

Patience has never really been my strong point. This is a skill I am trying to learn but I'm afraid I am not doing well. When I fell pregnant this time I swore I would enjoy every second, not wish my pregnancy away. Not for me would be the spicy curries, pineapple and raspberry leaf tea. My baby could cook as long as he liked , hey I knew of people who got to 43 weeks and I will be happy to wait. Well now my due date is mere days away and we would seem it's not that easy after all . In my defense I WAS being patient but then I suspected my waters had broke and I've been having contractions for days!it's not fair! Lol! I know that soon I will be nursing a newborn but I want him here NOW! And breathe . Babies arrive on there own schedule and I am happy to wait. Honest. But hey little fella today would be good! ;)

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