Thursday, 14 April 2011

Not the best of starts

Lots of plans for today including midwife appointment, visit with a friend and prep for a BBQ tomorrow. Not to mentioning knitting, housework and childcare. Unfortunately Euan is unwell . Nothing serious (I hope) but a high temperature and no energy which basically means he wants to be clung to me all the time. So I predict very little will actually get done today. I secretly don't mind at and I am quite enjoying my special cuddles with my little man. Fingers crossed the bug avoids the rest of us tho. I am FAR too busy to get sick!

In other news, I have noticed my Internet usuage has crept back up again . I appear to not be able to scratch my head without first checking facebook and various forums. Need to tackle this as my routines are slipping and the house is descending back into chaos.

Oh and please come and check out the Spring Summer Spectacular over on . Some gorgeous items on sale and some real bargains to be had!

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