Thursday, 29 December 2011

All quiet on the bloggy front

I've not written here in a little while, not because I have nothing to say but because I don't have the words to say it. Does that even make any sense? 2011 is drawing to a close and I can't even begin to describe how mind blowing this year has been for me. I have felt such a wide range of emotions , experienced so many things that I truly believe I will be entering the new year as a totally new person. Not just changed , someone new! I look in the mirror and I barely recognise the person looking back at me . It's not just about being older and it's certainly not about being wiser! Some of the differences are bad ,no not bad that's the wrong word , they are more confusing than bad . I've got to tell you alot of the changes are awesome. I've begun to realise my own strength , have confidence in my abilities , the courage to try something new even if it might fail. I'm entering the new year a mum of three amazing children who bring me such joy. I'm surrounded by such love and friendship. I've always felt that I'm not really liked, that I'm irritating and hardwork! I AM irritating and hardwork but now I know that it's ok. The right people are willing to work hard and in return I naturally become less challenging to be around. There I go not making much sense again. Life isn't perfect , who's life is? There is always something to work towards but I am glad of that . We should never stop trying to improve things , that's when we become lazy and complacent . I have no idea what the new year will bring for me . I can tell you what I hope it to bring. Some fun , love , hope and excitement . I am going to sing more , craft more , let go more! I will hold on to negativity less , spend less time online , moan less . The only person who can make these things happen is me. These aren't unachievable goals , these are NOT new years resolutions . It's just the way I need to live my life .

Onwards and upwards as they say . Good things are coming . It won't always be easy but I'm damn sure going to make it worth it !

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  1. Great post! You go mama!
    I must say I don't think of you as irritating in any way! You are lovely and good company and not at all hard work. :)
    Was good to see you today. Sending you love and hugs xx