Monday, 9 August 2010

Oh your just being silly.....

... how many times have we said this to someone or had it said to us? And does everyone feels the same way I do about it? I HATE it!!If I am already upset/angry/paranoid/irrational then telling me I am 'being silly' is very very likely to tip me over the edge! Even if my feelings and thoughts are factually wrong does it really make them less valid? And isn't 'silly' just a slightly nicer word for 'stupid' ? And yet even knowing how I feel about it I still use that phrase when speaking to others? I make a pledge to you, my followers, to try very hard not to say that to anyone ever again.... I'm not going to promise anything tho..well that would just be silly! ;)


  1. Yes. I makes me want to throw some thing at them. Hard. And in the face, maybe.

  2. Oh don't be silly!

    Kidding ;o)

    It isn't very nice, is it?