Thursday, 5 August 2010

Its all about the Fashion...

Can you believe that when I met my husband he actually used to say that.... a lot !! He was very into designer labels and looking COOL. Oh how rapidly things change lol! Nowadays I wouldn't call either of us exactly fashionable...but we do like to look good. I'm not one for lounging about in joggers and T Shirts...but I am a busy mum of two so the old faithful jeans and T shirt combo does come out more often that I would care to admit. What do I like to wear... I like to look funky but feminine. I adore skirts and bright colours.. show me something with a rainbow on and your pretty much guaranteed the sale. I LOVE jewelery (well duh!) and like to wear mismatched beads and earrings.Colour clashes are OK with me too. I also colour my hair pretty I have short blonde week it might be purple! I have been doing this since I was about 15 years old... so much so that people who know me NEVER comment on my hair. They are used to seeing it change so much!
Basically I don't like to look like every one else. I like to think of myself as individually..sadly I often fail! Looking down at today's outfit of dark jeans and green hoody perhaps I need to make a bit more effort!!

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  1. I like your fashion boldness and risk-taking! Good luck in the Challenge!