Monday, 2 August 2010

Co - Sleeping ..

Co-Sleeping doesn't come naturally to me. When my husband and I first met he joined the army and then later he became a truck river. Consequently I have become VERY used to having a king size bed all to myself. Now though my husband is at home every evening and we have 2 small children. Suddenly I find myself having to share my space...and I'm not sure I like it. As babies both my children slept in moses baskets before being moved to cots. And now they both have there own beds.But increasingly they seem to want to sleep with us. In principal I am OK with this. I much prefer to have them sleep in with us and get a good nights rest than be up and down all night convincing them to sleep in there own rooms. But in practice... I'm not keen. First of all there simply is not room for 2 nearly 30 year olds, 1 almost 4 year old and just turned 2 year old. There just isn't!! My husband normally ends up sleeping in my daughter butterfly bedroom leaving me to fight for the duvet. My daughter then likes to sleep as close as humanly possible to me. Seriously if that child could climb back into my womb she would. My son however would prefer not to share ...he just wants the big bed. He spends all night rocking and rolling, kicking me in the head and trying push his sister out.To make matters worse if anyone ELSE dares move he is immediately is WIDE AWAKE. He wants to chat ,sing and laugh...and he really doesn't care that is 2am.
All of this makes for one tired and grumpy mama. So how do I make this work for us? This is not a rhetorical question , I really need to know?! Is this just another green parenting issue I will fail at???


  1. Three boys...three co-sleepers...three words for you...JUST DO IT!

    My suggestion is that you put the two of them together in bed...that's what I did when I was ready for my older two to get out...LOL. Worked like a charm. Now that #3 is three years old, he is still in our bed, but his days are numbered. He will join my middle son very soon.

    Good is something I would do again and again, but when you are ready to let them go, I know you can't wait.


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  3. I agree with my three sons. If you are tired and grumpy, then you may not be giving them your best. Let them sleep together. They'll work it out between them.

    Plus, I don't think you can say you've failed at something you've been doing for 4+ years.

  4. Thank you. Will try them in together I think :)

  5. There is no fail. :) You just do what works for you. I would agree with the two of them in together idea. I think we will end up going that way eventually as i'm sure Phoebe will not move out without ezra! lol.
    We have a superkingsize mattress on the floor, my two combined are smaller than yours and DH still ends up sleeping seperately at times (single bed in same room luckily). So I can imagine its quite a squash.
    When i was younger i used to sleep with my sister sometimes, top to tail or side by side, and I remember feeling really safe and happy like that. :) x