Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Following Patterns..

This year I set myself the challenge of learning to crochet. I have to say I am quite pleased with myself... I have mastered the basic stitches and even managed to finish a few projects. My problem is following patterns. I find them horribly confusing and tend to just give up. I can work things out from photos but the patterns just make my brain ache!!

But last month I decided to treat myself to some good yarn rather than the pond shop cheap stuff I'd been using til then. I bought a one of skein in Tulips as part of the Woollywumpkins Pure Wool Appreciation Club. When it arrived I realised it was too beautiful to waste so decided to make the effort to follow a pattern..

And so here it is..my first following a pattern crochet item... and I have to say I am quite pleased!! A couple of change I need to make..but on the whole NOT BAD! ;)

So thank you to Woollywumpkins for the inspiration! You rock!!!


  1. This is just beautiful! What pattern did you use? I've been looking for vests to make for both my children for a while now. :)
    You've done such a great job it looks fab! x

  2. Thank you!! Here is the pattern :)