Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Adding a little routine

Left to my own devices I can be a little (OK a lot!) lazy! But give a routine, some structure, some discipline I thrive!! Unfortunately I am my own boss so there is no one to kick me up the butt! So I am hoping to implement a little structure to my day. I have ordered the book Sink Reflections and I am going to try to follow the Fly Lady routines to help me organise my home. And here is a list of a couple of other things I hope to fit into my day - EVERY DAY! lol! Wish me luck.

  1. Check emails... don't just read! Respond , forward or delete too!
  2. Trip to the park. Yes that's right folks EVERY day! The weather is NOT an excuse ...there's a reason we buy wellies and raincoats! lol!
  3. Exercise ... even if its only a 10 mins . I MUST find time!
  4. Make a phone call . Whether its to a family member or the bank! I need to get back into the habit of speaking to grown ups!
  5. Singing/Breathing exercises... if you want to improve you have to practice! FACT!

So thats it to start with... not too tricky I hope!!

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