Monday, 7 June 2010

What a day...

In so many ways lovely but unfortunately touched with sadness...

Had a couple of friends over with there children today which was as always lots of fun. We drank coffee and ate cake while our children played happily (for the most part at least!!).We try to meet up most monday mornings , when life doesn't get in the way that is, and I am so glad we do. Its makes Monday a day to look forward to instead of dread!

Today was a successful housewife day too. Two loads of washing done,the kitchen kept clean and dinner ready to be served when Hubby got home from work.How nice it was to be able to greet him calmly with a cup of tea and a kiss instead of my usual tearing my hair out plea for help! Bliss. I guess todays success was partly due to my feeling so very grateful for I have got. A wonderful husband , two beautiful children, a roof over my head and a warm meal in the slow cooker. What else could a woman want!

Sadly tho two dear friends of mine discovered that they had lost much wanted and already loved babies today. One who was 12 weeks gestation and another at 10 weeks. I will be lighting a candle for them this evening.My friend who is 10 weeks discovered that although her bleeding was a loss , she was still been blessed with a baby. A surviving twin! What a miracle ... and yet such mixed emotions for what might have been.I will be keeing everything crossed that the rest of her pregnancy runs smoothly.

So much has got done today and yet so much always still to do! Running a family home really is a never ending task but one I love.I am trying very hard to congratulate for what HAS been done instead of lamenting what must be left for another day.Easy to say but not so easy to do.

Time to get on with the task!!

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