Monday, 21 June 2010

Living on a prayer!

Went to see Bon Jovi at the o2 last night and there is only one word for it...AMAZING! What a fab time I had jigging away to all the classic plus some new ones that I loved. Busy adding lots of tracks to my ipod now!

I was only able to go thanks to my lovely cousin who thought of me when her sister couldnt make it, my good friend who paid for my train ticket and my wonderful Father who coughed up my spending money! A fantastic night...but I didn;t get home to my bed til 3 and then my children were up at 6. So yes I am a little bit tired! But sooooo worth it!

I am suffering with Sinusitis for what feels like the billionith time...back to the doctors again today me thinks.

Managed to complete a custom order today too

right off to catch some zzzzs while the my eldest is at preschool and my youngest naps! :)

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