Monday, 14 June 2010

A new week...

.. and I am feeling raring to go. Decided to begin this week with a fly lady challenge . This means that so far today I have cleaned and wiped work surfaces,sweeped and mopped the floor,cleaned the hob and oven and cleaned the dining table. Go me. Iam now working up to my 'HHI' (half hour of ironing for the uninitiated) hence me being here blogging instead! lol!

Some of the fabric I bought on ebay arrived this morning too! So looking forward to starting my next project...I want to spell out the word EAT in fabric letters... ambitious? Maybe! But Im not one for shying away from a challenge!! I also recieved some white wool so I can begin the shrug my mum has asked me to make. Looking forward to that as it is the 3rd one I have attempted so I am hoping for it to be the best yet!

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