Sunday, 3 October 2010

Foiled again

Trying so hard to get organised! Need to sort out our home and finances for good this time. This month started well with me setting up a budget and calculating every last penny... and then BAM! Blummin bank charges . Forgot those sneaky buggers. Ah well struggle through to next month and we shall try again! Must stay positive when there is so much excitement to look forward to!!!


  1. I hate bank charges (but then, who doesn't) I remember one of the last bank charges I received, I was about 3p short of the £3.28 PayPal tried extracting from my account!! Man did I explode! I called Halifax & went all Incredible Hulk on their sorry selves! I was like "Are you taking the f**ckin piss? You reverse that charge NOW" Needless to say, I got the charge reversed :)Bahaha!

  2. Looking forward finding out what the excitement is... Are you talking in codes?