Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Tomorrow my son turns 2

No longer a baby eh? I cannot quite believe that 2 years ago tonight I was in the full swing of my labour! Where has that time gone. I was awaiting the appearance of my second little girl...yes that right we were told the wrong sex at our 20 week scan! Boy what a shock I got when my little Erin Grace popped out with a winky!! lol! Needless to say we decided against using that name and I have loved every second of being a mum to my amazing little man. I am so blessed to have one of each. My little prince and princess make every day worth while.. and I say that even today when they have both been rampaging through my house like mini tazmanian devils!!!

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  1. My youngest is 2 this February! It does go fast doesn't it. It's seems like only yesterday he was lying on the floor, on a huge duvet, in his superman baby grow :) I'm in the process at the moment of trying to work out what to buy him pressie wise??? My eldest will be 7 this December & I can't remember for the life of me, what I bought him for his 2nd Birthday?

    Oh well, I'm sure whatever I buy him, he'll prefer what ever packaging it came in anyways :D