Monday, 19 July 2010

Ah contented sigh

What a lovely weekend! :) Recovered from last week bout of illness just in time to enjoy a wonderful weekend. Friday was spent at Wicksteed park with my daughters preschool. I had never been before and we had a lovely day! The children loved the parks and they were both brave enough to try a few rides! My son amazed me by trying the log wavy slides that my daughter was to afraid to go on! Thats my boy!!

Saturday was spent at Twycross Zoo with the inlaws. Again somewhere I had not been before but it was a lovely day! Not the best weather but we only got caught in the rain once! My daughter LOVED the orangutangs and picked up a cuddly one to take home in the gift shop.

And then sunday was a real lazy day. Trip to the garden center, visit to my nan in the nursing home and then some dinner with my parents! Bliss! :)

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  1. Yah for good weekends! We had one over here as well! Glad you're feeling better mama!