Saturday, 11 September 2010

9/11 where were you?

I was at work. A friend called in to tell us what had happened. We laughed! After all she must have got it wrong?! We soon realised it wasn't a horrible dream . We spent the rest of the day sat round a radio barely speaking. With my husband ( then boyfriend) in the army I was terrified for all sorts of selfish reasons as well. It hard to believe it was so many years ago as the terror and shock I felt then is still very tangible now . My thoughts are with all those who lost someone that day.

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  1. I was at home with my two oldest boys. I had to watch CNN stealthily as my 4.5 year old was very smart. I was terrified and I remember thinking, "OMG...when will it end? Is this the end of the world?" I feel sick just typing that out. It was prayers are with all who were personally touched that day.